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Rumour: EA Has Nintendo NX Development Kits

This news shouldn’t come as a surprise, but EA has reportedly received NX development kits which they have had now for a while. The news was shared on Twitter by Liam Robertson who has heard from his own source that the company is meeting up to discuss potential plans with Nintendo. Whether this amounts to anything remains to be seen, but it would certainly be good for Nintendo to have EA’s support on their next generation platform.

Thanks, Peter C and N-Dub Nation

47 thoughts on “Rumour: EA Has Nintendo NX Development Kits”

  1. ~*Let the shackles be released!*~ I am Sasuke Motherfucking L.(ucifer) Jackson X3, motherfucker! ~*Or fall forever!*~

    ~*”Yay! EA is going to develop for the NX!” said no one, but sports, fans ever!*~

    1. ~*Let the shackles be released!*~ I am Sasuke Motherfucking L.(ucifer) Jackson X3, motherfucker! ~*Or fall forever!*~

      ~*ARGH!! I fucked up!

      said no one, but sports fans, ever!* Fixed!

    1. This is coming from “Doctor Cupcakes”. The same user who claims that a source told him that the NX will NOT be on per with PS4 and Xbox One in the graphics department….

      LMFAO! XD And we fell for that. What a fucking troll?

    1. ~*Let the shackles be released!*~ I am Sasuke Motherfucking L.(ucifer) Jackson X3, motherfucker! ~*Or fall forever!*~

      ~*Good point. I would be happy about this, to be honest, because I’m a Need for Speed fan when the games have an open world overworld to it but with the recent Need for Speed being always online, my reason to be excited is just not there. We have internet which we never turn off but that’s not the point. The point is sometimes my internet gives us trouble which is annoying enough as it is so I don’t need an always online game compounding the issue.*~

  2. Nintendo Sub-Commander Cereza

    Now lets see if they put the E in effort. They don’t seem like the kind of company satisfied with breaking even.

    1. It doesn’t matter what Nintendo could do at this point. Any new support that they get will be completely temporary as soon as the next generation of consoles after the NX comes out.

      The main problem is this: people who don’t care about EA’s/any third parties’s games won’t buy them (especially not on Nintendo’s consoles), but anyone who owns a Nintendo console (like the Wii U) and enjoys playing whatever games they find interesting will even so be extremely screwed over with their version of the game, since most BUSINESSES (not just third parties) wish to make as much money for as little work as possible. This creates an opportunity for third parties in general to be able to make a half-assed port on Nintendo consoles, since most owners of Nintendo consoles (including myself) either aren’t a fan of the majority of a third parties’s games, aren’t willing to put up with a gimped port, or chooses to buy it elsewhere. All I’m saying is, most Nintendo ports of third party games are usually very poor (with minor exceptions like Most Wanted U).

  3. The question is: Will they put it to good use, instead of dropping out on the NX in its first year or so? I would keep an solid eye on EA, but they did release some good ports to Wii U so I’ll give credit to where credit is due.

    1. ~*Let the shackles be released!*~ I am Sasuke Motherfucking L.(ucifer) Jackson X3, motherfucker! ~*Or fall forever!*~

      ~*While I agree, the only good port was Need for Speed Most Wanted U & that wasn’t even entirely because of EA but the developers who didn’t want to give us a direct port of the game with no work put into making it work flawlessly on the Wii U. As for Mass Effect 3, Mass Effect Trilogy being released everywhere else for the same price as Mass Effect 3 on the Wii U was bullshit of the highest level.*~

      1. Oh yeah, forgot about that (at least the port worked well), but damn. Talk about a big “f**k you” to the Wii U user base. A Trilogy release could have at least sold decently on Wii U.

      2. To be fair, Mass Effect 1 and 2 weren’t on Nintendo’s system and they probably would’ve needed to be redone to work on the Wii U. Which means that if the trilogy did come to the Wii U, it most likely wouldn’t be the same price anyways.

        1. BUT… Yes, I agree they should have worked on making the first two games on Wii U and then put the trilogy on Wii U. Because it doesn’t make sense to start with 3 and leave the rest out when the other systems get them all.

        1. Yes! Fuck Ubisoft on Nintendo consoles! Wait. You meant altogether? o.O *runs off to hide my digital copies of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag & Assassin’s Creed Syndicate on my PlayStation 4* Yes! Fuck Ubisoft!

            1. The only thing that will get exterminated will be those motherfuckers if they try to fuck with my PS4. You don’t fuck with another man’s video game console, bro! lol

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            2. I’ll believe it when I see it but EA does like be there for the launch of a brand new gaming system (Dreamcast being the only exception) so this doesn’t really surprise me. Hopefully Mass Effect: Andromeda will get announced for the NX along with Titanfall 2

            3. So? They had Wii U ones to. Remember how they went from “We are so excited to use the Gamepad in FIFA” and such, to “Yes…Nintendo and us have a great relationship.” Yet no support whatsoever lol.

              1. Unless they’re more half-assed ports and single releases when you can get a trilogy or bundle featuring the game for the same price on a different console.

                EA really gave the Wii U userbase the finger after the launch window, during the launch window, even. They have an uphill battle to fight.

                1. When you make a system that has an entirely new control interface that will take more time and money to develop for with no guaranteed payoff – especially when Nintendo themselves doesn’t even know what to do with it and didn’t start fully supporting the system until over a year into its life cycle, and then to see the games that ARE released on it like ZombiU not make a profit – their actions are exactly what a professional business should have done. I don’t blame them for the decisions they made. I blame Nintendo for fucking up the marketing and release of their console most of all.

              1. And fuck you for not continuing Bad Company 3! (The only good Battlefield spinoff outside of that MMO cartoon game.) XD

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            6. No matter how much some of you people hate EA, they have games that millions of people buy and they are important to have on your system. Just like Ubisoft, they have some of the best selling games every year. Nintendo NEEDS EA games on the NX whether it’s Battlefield or another sports game. A lot of people buy these games and someone is more likely to consider Nintendo’s system if they have the games they want.

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