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Amazon: Pokemon Moon Available For Pre-order

Pokemon Moon is finally available to pre-order on Amazon and it will cost you $39.99 on release. Pokemon Sun was available to pre-order on the day the game was announced, but for whatever reason Amazon didn’t list Pokemon Moon. Now it’s up! So go ahead and pre-order. It should also be mentioned that Amazon is offering 20% off pre-orders to those of you who are Amazon Prime members .

Thanks, blackabe111


    1. FYI, You do not get the discount if you switch the type to digital code. (if you’re a downloader.
      20% off physical release only. Trust me.


      1. Yeah:/
        But boxed games are superior to digital games… So I do not care. But for some reason some prefer digital… The discount should also apply to digital orders. But just get the boxes version. Better anyhow


  1. Sweet. and what did they mean? on the trailer it said, “it all come together?” Are EVERY REGION in the game are coming? o_o if so i’m Buying Pokemon Moon. if every region isn’t coming i’m ok with that i’m still excited for THIS GAAMME!!!

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  2. Your grade for this article is an F which means fucking. But on a serious note, it seems as if you rushed to type this.


      1. I can’t disagree. It’s true. Almost all the dumb bitches I know games on a Xbox one. Sickening. Maybe out of 10 people, 1 person plays nintendo, 3 owns Playstation and the rest is fucking dominated by xbox.


      1. Look at the period at the end. I love sickr. I’m not bashing him. Hell his English is fucking better then my half breed shit.


      1. Nope. Until you admit that you like ass then sure. That’s when I’ll believe anything you fucking spew out.


  3. It’s ashame you don’t get a discount when buying both like Fire Emblem. Oh well. Not sure if or when I’ll get to these. By the time I’m ready for another substantial 3DS game, MHunter X will be around the corner!


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