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Video: Here’s A Pokkén Tournament Combo Trailer

Another Pokkén Tournament trailer has been uploaded to Nintendo UK’s YouTube channel. This video showcases the combos that you are able to pull off with your Pokemon. Pokemon such as Pikachu, Lucario and Charizard can be seen in action performing combos.

Pokkén Tournament releases worldwide on March 18th.


24 thoughts on “Video: Here’s A Pokkén Tournament Combo Trailer”

  1. 🎭Mr. Boss Ass Bitch💊

    Again! I have to play hand on to determine if this is a good fighting game. Those fucking combos don’t amaze me. One combo? Is that fucking it?

    1. There’s sure to be more combos. There always is. Namco doesn’t mess around with their fighting games. You ever play Tekken or Soul Caliber? It’s crazy. If it really is only one combo, this would be the most simple fighting game ever from them lol.

      1. 🎭Mr. Boss Ass Bitch💊

        Nope never really liked takken or soul caliber. The fighting games I only play is street fighter, mortal kombat (the game that started it all), injustice, and smash bros. Not really a fighter but oh well.

          1. 🎭Mr. Boss Ass Bitch💊

            No man I’m saying that mortal kombat was the first fighter I’ve ever played. Then I branched off to other fighters.

            1. Ah I see, Technically my first fighting games were sf2 and mk1, they were side by side at a pizza place, and I played both of them, i’m not sure which one I played first lol

              1. 🎭Mr. Boss Ass Bitch💊

                The first mortal kombat I played was the one when Shiva was first introduced. But the most memorable one was mortal kombat: deception. Played that shit non stop on gamecube.

              1. 🎭Mr. Boss Ass Bitch💊

                Eh em
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                1. |||Nintendo Dark Commander Quadraxis-NX Prime|||

                  -||So a cat species lives in a symbiotic relationship with a human female hunting male genitalia||-

                  -||And are Tam-Pons and and Dild-Os other lifeforms native to Earth too?||-

                  1. 🎭Mr. Boss Ass Bitch💊

                    Ugh if you see it that way Quadrabitch then….
                    As for tampons and dildo’s, they are nothing but merely tools for women to use. Some men also use these as well, but that’s another tale to be fucking told.

  2. Looks awesome. I’ve been trying to decide whether to get this or Street Fighter 5. I’m definitely going with this.

    Plus, I haven’t been hearing the best things about SFV. Sounds very barebones.

    1. SFV is actually really good, it is pretty barebones atm but there is a lot of forthcoming dlc and updates on the way and it can all be purchased with “fight money” that you earn by playing ranked, casual, and survival, very similar to what Splatoon did with their updates. You could always wait to get it later when it’s less barebones or you could get it now to get good now ^^

      1. I’m probably just going to wait out until it has more content on it. I might just wait til a price drop – either that, or when there’s a drought and there’s nothing else to play. It doesn’t look like a bad game, I’m just not sure it’s worth the price tag at the moment. But that’s nice they don’t force you to pay for DLC. Capcom is learning..?!

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