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Project Guard Is Now Star Fox Guard Comes Bundled With Star Fox


Shigeru Miyamoto’s Project Guard is now known as Star Fox Guard and comes pre bundled with Star Fox Zero. Despite what we have heard, the game hasn’t suffered a delay and will be available on April 22nd which is great news for those you wanting to play Fox’s latest adventure. Don’t forget you can use the Fox amiibo with the game.

In Star Fox Guard, Slippy teams up with his uncle Grippy Toad to protect Grippy’s mining business.

You can create your own Star Fox Guard missions in an online mode.

15 thoughts on “Project Guard Is Now Star Fox Guard Comes Bundled With Star Fox”

  1. This game, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE release date, SNES games going to the New 3DS and the announcement of Paper Mario: Color Splash were the highlights of the entire Direct. Everything else was meh or kinda disappointing

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  3. Yes it’s first print edition, which wasn’t mentioned in the Nintendo Direct, when I looked at it I had feeling it was first print, any ways this is a cool bundle with Star fox guard, which is added bonus game that is amazing, I was excited for project guard now we get free with starfox zero nice Shigeru Miyamoto.

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