Rumour: Nintendo Is Funding Beyond Good and Evil 2

A rumour has recently surfaced that suggests Nintendo are funding the Beyond Good and Evil sequel. The rumour also suggests that Nintendo have secured the title as an NX exclusive for 2017.

The rumour was submitted to Destructoid, with an initial source as Alexander Maier, a writer for Dual Pixels that published Geno’s NX rumours last weekend. Alexander was provided with a large document from Geno that was then passed on to Destructoid to assess. Destructoid also reached out to a second source who gave similar information with some of the bullet pointed information crossing over the two sources.

According to the rumour, the game’s current title is Beyond Good and Evil: The Prejudices of Philosophers. Apparently Nintendo is looking to follow similar footsteps of the way Bayonetta 2 was handled, putting money into the production and development of a title that has been in limbo for a long time and securing it for the NX, the same way Bayonetta 2 was secured for the Wii U.

Destructoid also pointed out that in a Dev’s Play video for Beyond Good and Evil, Miyamoto’s name was dropped a couple of times when talking about the development of Beyond Good and Evil 2, with the mention of “it’s good enough for Miyamoto” amongst other comments, this discussion takes place after the 48 minute point in the clip.









  1. -||I want this one to be true, not because I like the game but because I will enjoy the amount of agony the Xbots and Sonyans will exhibit||-


      1. -||Yes but if the Empire secures it exclusively it will get a similar response||-


      2. How? On what logic?
        It sold more on PS3, and people loved it despite its flaws.
        Sure the port was an afterthought, but that does not make it any more xbox exclusive.

        Did not know we only had 6 gaming consoles and gaming platforms under the sun.
        But BG&E was released about a month earlier on PS2 than on Xbox and Gamecube, and pretty sure HD release increased the fanbase of the game.
        I could see this generating even more butthurt than Bayonetta within longtime PS and xbox fans.


      3. The sub 30fps framerate on launch, among other problems such as slowdowns (spotty, but they’re there), longer load times and worse quality cutscenes, to name a few. Might as well be an exclusive. And I did say ‘almost’. It was a hyperbolic statement.

        My point is that BG&E was more of a multiplatform title than Bayonetta ever was. Taking the figures you yourself provided: Bayonetta was only available in two platforms before being ported to the Wii U. Not only was Beyond Good & Evil released on every 6th gen platform (a month is nothing, let’s face it), but it was ported to PS360 and Windows. That’s two platforms against six. I assume you know basic math and know how to apply common sense to see how that makes it more of a ‘multiplatform title’ than Bayonetta.

        About the fanbase, I hardly ever see anyone mentioning the game at all outside of a couple of key discussions, so I have a hard time believing there’s such a thing in the first place. Everyone knows it bombed hard.

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  2. That would be very interesting if it were true and the nx better not suck shit ass because Nintendo already sucks ass shit and maybe I can get info about the fuckin crossover god damn it from the direct if not then at e3


  3. It seems from all of these rumors the nx can start off really good or really bad but Nintendo will still have much to do with the system and the company as a whole and until I see the results after at least 2 years Nintendo will keep sucking shit and getting shitted on by Microsoft and sony


  4. I thought Ubisoft essentially hated Nintendo. They didnt even allow ZombiU to remain exclusive. Maybe this is the Nintendo exclusive they claimed to have shelved due to the Wii U sales failure?


    1. No this isn’t the one. Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot claimed that the game that they were holding back was a casual family sports title. Maybe Ubisoft didn’t see the potential of it selling well seeing as how the PS4 and Xbox One audiences tend to favor mature rated titles. Maybe Nintendo stepped in and paid for the rest of the development because a lot of fans wanted the sequel……very similar to the Bayonetta 2 situation. If this turns out to be true, then this is exactly what the NX needs. More 3rd party exclusives would be ideal for the launch of a brand new system


  5. Funny that I see this now cuz I’m currently playing Beyond Good and Evil for GameCube. That would be really awesome if this is true.


  6. Yes. The Bayonetta 2 treatment. Fund the game, support it with a lot of attention at first, & give it minimal advertisement support afterwards as they let it sink from that moment on. I can’t wait!


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