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Video: Aonuma Calls Twilight Princess The Starting Point For Zelda Wii U In Latest Retrospective

The Legend of Zelda director Eiji Aonuma has published the final installment in the Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess Retrospective video series on YouTube. In the video Aonuma says that The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD influenced the upcoming Zelda title which is in development for Wii U. Aonuma says that many of the ideas that the team came up with in the next instalment of the Zelda franchise came from his work on Twilight Princess and that the game was a “starting point” for the work he’s doing now.

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24 thoughts on “Video: Aonuma Calls Twilight Princess The Starting Point For Zelda Wii U In Latest Retrospective”

    1. A link to the past got a sequel, why not Twilight Princess? I’d like the game where Link dies to create the third timeline.

        1. Do you mean a spiritual sequel, or a chronological sequel? Because Majora’s Mask is actually one of the few direct chronological sequels in the Zelda series, and it’s a sequel to OoT. As for spiritual sequels, most people think Twilight Princess is the closest to that, although they usually mean that negatively, meaning that it didn’t do enough to set itself apart from OoT.

          I’ve actually never heard WW called an OoT sequel. I suppose the rationale there is that OoT was really, really good, and WW was also really, really good.

          What would you like to see in a OoT sequel? Like, what would that look like to you? I like to hear the ideas of other fans, as they are often very interesting.

          1. I would just love to see Link continue his quest that ended in Ocarina Of Time (maybe, Ganon escapes from the realm where the sages sealed him in? Maybe after the events of Majora’s Mask?). I’d also love to see Link continue using the Ocarina to turn back into an adult, then a kid again. I really liked that aspect (though it would have been more interesting if he was even older than he was as a so-called adult. I’ve thought about that many times throughout the years. And I believe that the kid/adult aspect of OOT is one of the things that made it so great. I got SO emotional at the end when Link handed the Ocarina back to Zelda. Then when he went back to the first time he met Zelda as a kid. Things like that tug at my heart strings. I never got so emotional and teary-eyed in a Zelda game like I did in OOT.

            1. {{Nintendo Tri-Force Hero Kokiri Kid adventurer}}

              Did you know that the Skeleton swordsman that trains you in Twilight Princess is the “remains” of the hero of time from Ocarina of Time!?
              Mind blown!!!!!

              1. They can’t do that. Twilight Princess takes place a hundred or so years after Ocarina of Time after Zelda sent Link back in time to before he ever opened the Sacred Realm & he changed the course of history where the events of the dark future never happen as he warned the King of Hyrule of Ganondorf’s evil plans. By doing so, the future where Link, Zelda, & the Six Sages sealed Ganondorf into the Sacred Realm does not exist in the timeline that Majora’s Mask & Twilight Princess take place in. In the timeline Majora’s Mask belongs to, Ganondorf gets sealed away in a different realm known as the Twilight Realm. Besides, Ganondorf escaping the Sacred Realm sometime after the Six Sages, Zelda, & Link imprisoned him there was the prologue in Wind Waker that sets up the events in Wind Waker.

              2. |||Nintendo Dark Commander Quadraxis-NX Prime|||

                -||What you are describing is Wind Waker, and you can’t have a sequel made during Ganondorf’s escape because a Link was never born/showed up during that crisis and thus Wind Waker story came to be||-

                -||If Link whether it’s the Ocarina of Time one or another used the ocarina as the Adult/Child mechanics again, we would have 3 new timelines at least once again||-

                1. Not really. The Ocarina of Time alone didn’t cause the rift. It was Princess Zelda, as the Seventh Sage and quite possibly some of the Goddess Hylia’s power still coursing through Zelda’s bloodline, using the Ocarina of Time to send Link back in time to BEFORE he opened the Sacred Realm, allowing him to change the course of his past’s future. I don’t think Link himself could use the Ocarina of Time in such a manner. Least not without the aid of the Goddess of Time, aka Nayru since who better to be the Goddess of Time who can control time itself than the Goddess of Wisdom as you don’t want some idiot having that kind of power, again like in Majora’s Mask.

                  1. |||Nintendo Dark Commander Quadraxis-NX Prime|||

                    -||The theory about Nayru being the Goddess of Time is still uncertain considering Skyward Sword defined her as Hylia which makes her Zelda in essence||-

                    -||Whether Hylia was created from the trio Goddesses putting Nayru as the origin for these powers given her stance as the lawmaker still remains to be seen||-

                    -||If Hylia was a Goddess created outside of the Golden Trio then it would make her the absolute power of time||-

                    -||But in the end, whoever is the Goddess of Time, she will always be connected to the Ocarina of Time and whatever Link is born and thus will cause these rifts at the origin||-

                    1. Except for the fact Hylia sacrificed her godhood forever to become a mortal so if she was the Goddess of Time, who in the hell gave Link the power to use the Ocarina of Time to travel back in time 3 days, skip time, or slow down time in Majora’s Mask since the Goddess of Time no longer exists as such so there was no one to answer Tatl’s call for help from the Goddess of Time? Skyward Sword made it pretty clear that Hylia gave up every ounce of her godhood & is now forever stuck as a mortal woman. Besides, there is still other things linking Nayru to being the Goddess of Time like the fact the Oracle of Ages was named after Nayru herself. Besides, I don’t think Hylia herself had power over time herself. Even if she did, I’m pretty sure it was minor powers which would mean she doesn’t really deserve the title of Goddess of Time as you’d expect the Goddess of Time to be powerful enough to easily defeat a demon king like Demise & not end up on death’s door because the fight took too much out of her. That & they had time stones, which came from the Lanayru Province which is named after Nayru herself, which I’m sure were used to create the Gates of Time. But I could be wrong since all of that could be just a big fat coincidence. Til a future Zelda game answers these questions with official answers, all either of us have right now are theories. But that’s part of the appeal of the Zelda franchise for people like me that focus on the story & the Zelda timeline.

                      1. |||Nintendo Dark Commander Quadraxis-NX Prime|||

                        -||I’m sure Demise is really a God of his own or something created by unknown God/Gods that are the opposite of the Golden Trio||-

                      2. Actually, Wind Waker is a chronological sequel to Ocarina of Time. The opening prologue in Wind Waker makes it pretty clear this games’ events occur because of what Link, Princess Zelda, & the Six Sages did. Hell! The place where you get the Master Sword has stained glass windows of each sage & of Ganon’s form at the end of Ocarina of Time. Not to mention the statue that hides the room has a statue of the Hero of Time. Then there are other small little nods to Ocarina that also link Wind Waker to it.

                        1. {{Nintendo Tri-Force Hero Kokiri Kid adventurer}}

                          Majoras mask was pretty much ocarina 2. But I know what you mean. The gameplay had a huge difference as far as play style.

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                        1. |||Nintendo Dark Commander Quadraxis-NX Prime|||

                          -||I’m sure they meant in terms of gameplay/items/locations, not story||-

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