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Video: Hyrule Warriors Legends “Let Battle Commence!” Trailer

A new European trailer was released that covers everything you’ll need to know going into the upcoming 3DS title, Hyrule Warriors Legends. Starting with the story, the video touches on the game’s battle system,  character integration, items, the My Fairy System, and Adventure Mode. You can see it all in the trailer below. Hyrule Warriors Legends launches on March 24th in Europe, and in North America on March 25th.


3 thoughts on “Video: Hyrule Warriors Legends “Let Battle Commence!” Trailer”

  1. I guess I should have said fuck the Wii U version & just waited for this inevitable 3DS version. Cuz this game is pretty much telling everyone “Don’t bother buying a Wii U at all for this game since you can play it on your 3DS & it has more stuff along with most of the things from the Wii U version instead. Why? Because fuck U, that’s why!”

    1. Hey! That can be the new slogan for the 3DS or even a slogan for the NX when it rail roads the Wii U this or next year.

      “Here comes the NX! Why? Cuz fuck U, that’s why!”

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