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Video: 40 Minute Analysis Of Kirby Planet Robobot

One of the exciting new game reveals from the latest Nintendo Direct presentation was the unveiling of a brand new Kirby game which is titled, Kirby: Planet Robobot. The Nintendo 3DS game looks set to be tremendous fun and the folks over at GameXplain have taken a detailed look at the trailer that was showcased and have squeezed as much information as they possibly could out of it. Kirby: Planet Robobot is out on June 10th in the United States and Europe.

15 thoughts on “Video: 40 Minute Analysis Of Kirby Planet Robobot”

            1. I finished the main game forever ago but I still mess around in the game. Fun doing squad missions, customizing my stuff, and continuing my treasure hunting and exploring of the worlds. So pretty much done but not done with the game, hah.

                1. Hmm not sure that I’m gonna 100% everything. Just gonna get the most out of it until I finally start something else.

                  Not sure what you mean by crossover. Only future games I have an excited eye on is this new kirby game and Monster Hunter Generations.

                        1. Not a fan of the fire emblem games. Played Awakening two times but each time I just stopped playing at some point in the game. I beat Persona 3 on psp and thought thought it was fine but nothing I’m gonna run to experience again anytime soon. The look of the game also doesn’t appeal to me. Not really into anime girl idols and that sort of cheesy stuff. Sorry just doesn’t look like my cup of tea nor am I a big fan of either franchise.

      1. June can’t come soon enough for
        Me. Till then I’ll replay KSS and TD. I still haven’t run TD’S True Arena with every power so there’s that. Also I’ll keep playing xenoblade chronicles x until mean time.

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