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The Creator Behind Professor Layton Puzzles Passes Away

Sadly we have heard that Akira Tago who created the challenging puzzles in the Professor Layton series has sadly passed away. Mr. Tago died at the grand age of 90 due to interstitial pneumonia. Akira Tago was a psychologist who had written a number of notable publications and he was also the chairman of the Japan Creativity Society and president of Tokyo Future University. Mr. Tago will be sorely missed.

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22 thoughts on “The Creator Behind Professor Layton Puzzles Passes Away”

  1. Nintendo Sub-Commander Cereza

    I bought Professor Layton and the Diabolical box. I never would have even tried it but Gary and Allison from the US Nintendo week somehow convinced me. It was my first step into a series I value today.

    1. Wow. Rough day?
      I’m absolutely cool when it’s my time to go, I’ve used 14 of my nine lives anyway so I get the Morbid thing, but you should try to enjoy what time you have!

  2. I’ve been a huge fan since the Curious Village. He will be missed, but it’s awesome he got to leave a cherished and educational legacy like Professor Layton behind!


    I loved those games…..

  4. I’m going to cry now… rest in peace… but I’m still going to cry. I love the Professor Layton games… I keep hoping that we’ll still get another game in the timeline after Unwound Future… but augh. I guess it’s even more impossible now.

    1. I think more games are definitely possible. While Tago was a big part of the team that worked on Professor Layton games, there are many other people who put the games together as a whole. They’ll probably make more games eventually, but they probably wont have the same feel. Don’t hold your breath though. Like Takamaru said, they’re milking the crap out of Yokai Watch.

  5. Not like we were getting more games anyway since Level-5 would rather milk the shit out of Yo-Kai Watch these days.

    But Tago will severely be missed after giving us enough challenging puzzles for the badass gentleman.

  6. RIP good sir. You’ll be surely missed. Now on that note…..Your Professor Layton Games were “THE BOMB!”……………………..Nintendo please continue making this Fantastic Franchise.

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