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Nintendo UK Store: Star Fox Zero First Print Edition Amiibo Pack Up

Nintendo UK has just put up a listing for the Star Fox Zero: First Print Edition amiibo Pack. The bundle will set you back £79.99 and comes with  Star Fox Zero: First Print Edition game, Fox No.6 amiibo, Falco No.52 amiibo, Star Fox Zero Snapback Cap and a free Star Fox Zero design T-Shirt. The limited Star Fox Zero: First Print Edition includes Star Fox Zero and Star Fox Guard on separate Game Discs, as well as an exclusive SteelBook case.

Update: More bundles available now!

45 thoughts on “Nintendo UK Store: Star Fox Zero First Print Edition Amiibo Pack Up”

    1. USA got screwed? Have you seen the price of this? A cheap shirt and cap doesn’t make u the extra value and the amiibo can be picked up for a fiver each. It’s just the novelty of getting star Fox guard on a physical disc which is the attraction. I’m hoping GAME will have it at a better price without all the crap with it.

      1. oh yeah I wasn’t even thinking about the conversion rate, that’s $115.88, nvm that’s a rip off, I want that shirt though lol. If gamestop had that instead of the patch I’d be pre-ordering for sure.

        1. GAME is never cheaper. It will be the same price minus the t-shirt. Agreed it’s not a great price though.

          What puts me off these special edition versions is the annoying horrible USK ratings symbol, which covers the artwork and means multiple languages on the back. Just another way of companies cutting corners. Think this time I’ll just go for the standard game and download the Slippy game.

  1. shirt is butt ugly and unwearble. Would have been nice if it looked more like the hat (maybe charcoal gray with the insignia chest center) and I do like the hat. Sans price, it is at least something, but it should only be $79.99 in USD, but the US might not get this at all, which is fine. Although, the hat is pretty cool

          1. for sure… but in someone’s closet, somewhere… the Ed Hardy lies in weight, like a tattooed Tiger on the back of the jeans of some douchebag trying to make a girl regret she ever talked to a guy in a bar

            1. I luckily have none lol I do love tigers but not enough to have them on clothes or some cheap cliche tattoo. I am actually gonna get a Koopa kids tattoo in a few weeks. Each one doing a different substance lol and maybe the colors of the seven basic chakras behind each of them.

  2. I like the shirt & cap. Hey, Gamestop! If you want my preorder, I want this shirt & cap. Otherwise, you can take that patch & shove it.

  3. well I am not interested in star fox at all (never had been). I wish we could trade that deal against the low price NA got for wii U games. EU will get the cheap price and NA got the bundle at the same price as UK (since EU priced include the tax there is no surprise)… Hum sound a fair deal to me, I should ask Shibata-san and see what he thinks about my superb idea… I am pretty sure it would not see it as a day light robbery giving the price tag of this bundle LOL LOL.

  4. I’d be all over a higher-quality print of that shirt offered outside the bundle. Nintendo NY should get on this.

      1. I highly doubt that. Miyamoto is still stuck in the 90s & thinking everyone has time to get together to sit on the couch & play a multiplayer game. He hasn’t quite seemed to have moved away from the N64/Dreamcast/PS1 era yet.

  5. My friends and I refer to snapback caps as “Douchebag hats”. They don’t look good on most people.
    I’d prefer just the patch so I can stick it on a regular curved-rim baseball cap.

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