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Itagaki Opens New Canadian Studio Valhalla Game Studios International Ltd

Tomonobu Itagaki who is best known for creating the Dead or Alive series and also the mixed Devil’s Third has announced via Facebook that he has opened a new studio in Canada. Itagaki says he wanted to work with more western developers and we would like to wish him and the rest of his team the best of luck with their new venture in Vancouver.

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33 thoughts on “Itagaki Opens New Canadian Studio Valhalla Game Studios International Ltd”

  1. This is great. My biggest gripe with most Japanese developers is that they are too stuck in their old ways. This should definitely help, at least I hope it does.

        1. Not bashing. Simply telling the truth. He’s stuck in his old ways. He needs to wake up & realize online multiplayer is just as important as offline multiplayer. This isn’t the 90s, anymore. Not everyone can do couch co-op/competitive these days. Miyamoto is the Vince McMahon of Nintendo. No. That’s not fair to Miyamoto. Nintendo itself is the Vince McMahon of video games, not just Miyamoto alone.

        1. You didn’t… Haha… Please, that’s a movie’s I was happy to have forgotten. Lol. Please don’t do that again, even if it was clever. ;D x.x

          1. Good thing I haven’t watched that movie. Even more glad I looked up what it was about beforehand when I saw it on Netflix a few times & thought “Oooh! A monster movie! That might be pretty awesome!” I shudder at the possibility that in an alternate timeline that I did watch the movie before checking out what it was about on Wikipedia. My poor Earth-2 doppelganger has probably been scarred for life. :/

      1. Well capcom I agree. But they threw themselves to far deep. They tried to CoD-ify a few games and it bit them in the ass.

        Konami, well, aside from the PES games and MGS5, they haven’t really done much for consoles. They’re failures came from their mobile endeavour, which I wouldn’t really call Westernized.

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      1. I do believe you are referring to the lack of copy in US. It’s not the case in UK. Saying that I have to get it soon cause it will be a collector and the price will be day light robbery

  3. Well I don’t know for you but Japanese developers tend to give you bad ending and poor conclusions. I hope the next game will allow them to improve that aspect of the game. Saying that western developers I not better than Eastern developers just for the record.

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