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Yoshi’s Story Is Coming To The NA Wii U Virtual Console Tomorrow

The Nintendo 64 title Yoshi’s Story will be arriving to the North American Wii U Virtual Console tomorrow. The title was originally released on December 21, 1997 in Japan and has both a story mode and a trial mode.

Baby Bowser has taken the Super Happy Tree and put a spell on Yoshi Island. It’s up to a few remaining Yoshis to restore everything to its rightful place as they run, ground-pound, flutter-jump, throw eggs, and traverse a colorful and crafted storybook-looking world. Complete a course in Story Mode, and then best your high score in Trial Mode!

It will be available to purchase via the Nintendo eShop for $9.99.

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  1. People hate this game, but I remember I got it for free and played it quite a bit as a kid. It was kinda fun finding the secret Yoshis… I’m gonna buy this so hard tomorrow… ’cause nostalgia.

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  2. Never played this and don’t know too much about it. Yoshi’s Island is one of my all-time favorite games (DS was okay, and I thought Woolly World was really good but not great) Would I enjoy this? What are some pros and cons?

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    1. All I can really tell you is that it’s nothing close to the previous Yoshi’s Island installments, and it’s insanely short.
      I still loved it back during the N64 days though.

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    2. A lot of Yoshi’s Island fans bash Yoshi’s Story but i’d say it was pretty good for what it was trying to do.

      Pros: Yoshi/Nintendo charm galore, 2 secrect Yoshis hidden somewhere throughout the campaign (they’re in the picture above) that at the time were a big deal because you didn’t often see Yoshis of that color (only 1 of them made it in Smash 4 oddly enough), storybook art style, heart-melting Yoshi songs

      Cons: From what I remember the bosses were a bit easy, potentially ear-melting Yoshi songs…

      I’d say check out some YouTube videos of it first if you’re worried that it’ll disappoint you. Though for $10 it shouldn’t be that bad if you like Yoshi games at all.

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      1. Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards is probably my favorite Kirby game. One of the best in my opinion but I haven’t played every single one. Still, out of all the ones I have played Kirby 64 had the most challenge and reward. Also there were parts that were very epic and creepy for a Kirby game. Also Paper Mario 64 if you’ve never played it. The 64 and GCN installments are two of the best in that series.


  3. Of all the awesome N64 titles, we get this!? *sigh* What about Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon!? I hate to say this since this type of thing has been spammed about Nintendo as a whole by brucelee312 for way too long but… Nintendo of America is shit! lol


    1. Good for those of you that liked this game. I miss when they were giving us TWO virtual console games at the same time. One at a time is becoming such an insult. :/


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