Nintendo of Europe Employee Reportedly Said The NX Controller Images Are “Completely Fake.”

A number of NX controller images have been circulating the internet recently. First reports started late last week, where the first images appeared and had been analysed by Destructoid. We also reported further pictures claiming to be of the NX controller earlier today.

However, Liam Robertson has advised that a friend of his at Nintendo of Europe has denied claims that the pictures are of the NX controller, saying that the images are “completely fake”. Liam also advised that due to only a small number of people having access to the NX prototype hardware, that all leaks should be taken with a “huge pinch of salt”.

As with all rumours doing the rounds on the internet, such as the NX controller images, there’s no way to confirm their legitimacy until any official announcements are made. The NX reveal should take place at E3 in June where we will then hopefully get a greater insight into what the NX will entail.


Thanks, Sonofmrpeanut



    1. Yeah, pictures vs an “A guy said”. If he’s wrong, he’ll just said the insider was wrong. Yeah, sorry, my eyes have already seen the pictures. Either show me a different NX because I’m already making posters of the current NX leaks and selling them. If it’s not the NX, then Nintendo shouldn’t be coming after me for copyright.

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    1. Let’s hope that is the case & this fake is just a lucky guess by someone on the internet. It means Nintendo is actually listening to us when we say…

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    1. If you haven’t read or listened to the eBook Darth Plegius. Very well written and had me literally hoping somehow Darth Plegius survived, despite the Emporer’s claim to have killed him.


      1. -||But if Lord Sidious truly meant everything he said to Anakin, then I guess it is possible since he said Darth Plagueis was the only one to ever keep people from dying, maybe he even learned to keep himself from dying, I just hope that if it really is him, that they build it up like it mattered the most||-

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      2. Revealing Jar Jar Binks is Darth Plagueis would be a nice way to build it up as if it mattered the most. Sometimes the greatest evil is one you never saw coming because the greatest evil was pretending to be the most dense character in a story. In reality, they were manipulating every single person they came into contact with, even the very guy that thought he had killed his former master. But that’s if the fan theory is true that Jar Jar Binks was a Sith Lord hiding in plain sight, similar to Palpatine. But I wonder if Disney would actually do something some people expect. I guess they could go the other way & reveal Jar Jar was indeed a Sith Lord but not the one some thought him to be, revealing he was Darth Plagueis’ new apprentice after he survived Palplatine’s betrayal.


      3. -||No fantheories, they are so stupid I don’t have any program to describe their stupidity||-


  1. Real or fake I don’t care. The “leaks” are something to keep me entertained until an official reveal is made… then comes worrying about specs, price and whether or not we’ll get 3rd party support this time around.

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  2. My half brother’s third removed uncle’s mother’s cousin also works at Nintendo. He told me that these leaks are real, I won’t compromise his name, but all I can tell you is hes a huge face for Nintendo and his name rhymes with “Veggie Anime.”

    Again :l lets not get him in to trouble and keep it on the down low.

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      1. I know a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a lady who knows a guy who knows some other guy that works at Nintendo and he told me the NX’s release date. I can’t tell you because it’s super secret top information.

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  3. ok so lets just say they are fake. why do people have these weird fucking controllers in different colors and in different places…. that just so HAPPEN to match up to their patent? if seeing is believing, then im leaning more to these are real pics than fake. dudes uncle or whatever gets no credence unless he’s named or makes the comment publicly himself. this pretty much is the same as, i know a guy who knows a guy who i wont name that says the pics are fake. who then i ask, is fabricating these fake controllers that match nintendos patent, and why isnt the litigious giant doing anything about it like they do with everything else?

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    1. That is certainly something because, who the hell can make something like that, and two separate “controllers” that look identical? Maybe same person/people but really I don’t know. Lots of possibilities that is for sure 2 1/2 months till E3 with possibl less than two months before possible pre-E3 reveal

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    2. Exactly! … It’s real in the sense that it’s no longer a “Photo Shop” … it’s a real thing sitting on a table.

      So, why would someone go to all this trouble just to take 2 pictures? … That’s a lot of work to settle for a couple pictures and no notoriety. If this person faked it, they’d milk it … they’d have their own YouTube channel … he’d have videos … they’d be holding it and talking about it … they’d discuss upcoming information which was also faked.

      Instead we have a couple pictures … probably because it was the bosses kid who happened to be strolling through the office. He won’t defend himself either because he’s probably no longer allowed in the office.

      Oh yeah, not too many people have prototypes? … Yeah, that’s not true. If one person suddenly has a prototype then 50 people have a prototype … right about now is the predicted time that people were supposed to be getting prototypes, if you believe the information that was going to SuperMetalDave64 who’s previous information turned out to be true.

      Whatever that thing is sitting on the table, Nintendo doesn’t want you to see it, I can assure you.

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    3. You make a good point. People do go to extreme lengths to make this stuff though, and there are people with the skillset who alter controllers and consoles for fun. We wont know until an official reveal, though.


  4. Of course the photos aren’t of the NX controller.
    First off, the analogs are different (the first leaked photo has a controller with more subtle nubs, while the second one’s nubs are protruding), the IR sensors are different types of plastic, and you can see the clear outline of a button on one of them, but not the other, as well as one lacks a microphone by the speaker, while the other has the microphone.

    Not to mention, devs never get anything remotely close to the final product.
    If these WERE real (they aren’t), these would most DEFINITELY not be the controllers sold to the public.


    1. Man, I wish someone would come out and clear this crap up already. I can’t see Nintendo NOT being on top of this. What’s semi scary is the fact that they’re not letting people know for sure this isn’t real. Curiouser and curiouser.

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      1. On April 1st, Nintendo will reveal this as the NX controller, the system will be less powerful than the PS4, and it will be launched with NSMB3. And then you find out something horrible…

        They weren’t joking. Lol.

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      2. Haha! What’s really great is I had a semi long rant along the same lines about April 1st. Then erased it so as to NOT put that idea out there…Doh!

        But yeah, that would be one messed up April Fools.


      3. Yeah, I agree. Sometimes that buzz can be negative though, which seems to be the majority of what I’m reading from people. I’ll be straight up, I wouldn’t want to play a game on or through that “thing”. That said, I would assume that wouldn’t be the only controller option made available.

        So much unknown! GAAH!!!


  5. I believe the pics are real. 1) It is a conceivable evolution of the Wii U gamepad, and I can see this being a way that Nintendo would try to gain market share from mobile devices (it looks like an oval smartphone with nubs). 2) Bear in mind that the “Confidential Property” label may not have been applied by Nintendo but rather the company currently in possession of the controller. 3) I would categorize a “hoax” such as this as BEYOND elaborate given that multiple images have surfaced. 3) This is precisely the kind of misguided horseshit Nintendo would attempt. Good luck with all that, Nintendo.

    Sorry, folks. Just pray that your Pro Controllers are compatible.

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      1. Yes, it does look interesting and it doesn’t make me NOT want to try it, I want to get my fucking hands on it as soon as possible. I mean, especially if that is the handheld I can just walk out the door with and continue playing high end games on, that would be nuts. It also has the possibility of players puttting buttons just where they want them, I don’t know, it could be very cool. The biggest issue is that some of us are getting older, and because of this, a lot of us are really against some new way of playing games, but a kid will pick this up and being so used to touch screens will use it as second nature and will thrive. I mean it is smarter business to look at what is next as opposed to copying everyone else.


      2. Not sure about the controller myself. I do however have a sneaky feeling its real. Here is why I say that.

        We were leaked the blueprints long way before destructoid showed us a picture of the controller. I thought it was fake myself.

        Then we get the picture with the blueprints, that set me to think “how the fuck am I going to play this?” and even my brother said “ew”. But then again he said the same thing to the wii u and loves how it feels. Thought it was heavy until he got it for monster hunter 3 ultimate. He changed his mind altogether about it.

        Considering the out comes and me still thinking “not believing a word until nintendo says something”, is leaving me a biiiiiig hunch this is real…and knowing nintendo, they are crazy enough to do something this.

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      3. nintendo, don’t care which part of the branch, they are all connected, are the only ones that can shade some light on this…I’m not going to believe anything else unless proven its real like a video or something.


      4. And I like Crazy… All depends on when we get our hands on it. I also was skeptical of the Wii U gamepad and it feels great. I like the pro-controller for certain games but for 1 player big story games, I like the gamepad. I actually prefer the wiimote for all the platformers, so what ever


  6. I could care less what Nintendo of Europe or America says about the NX. Unless Nintendo of Japan, the place that actually designs the damn consoles & handhelds, says these images are completely fake, Reggie or whoever else can shut their God damn mouth!


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