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Original NX Controller Leak Revealed As Fake By Leaker

The original Nintendo NX controller leak that was first picked up by Dual Pixels and then analysed by Destructoid has turned out to be a well made fake. The person behind it posted a video showcasing his skills at creating the fake and passing it off to news outlets. Guess we shall have to wait until E3, or possibly just before, until we actually get a look at the hardware and the controller.

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53 thoughts on “Original NX Controller Leak Revealed As Fake By Leaker”

  1. I suppose that means the other one must be fake, too. Phew! I wonder if these two “leaks” were connected or if the second one was in response to the first?

    1. The creator of the leak simply says that someone else must have taken advantage of his leak and tried to emulate a similar one.
      Unless the guy got incredibly lucky and leaked a fake version of the real prototype, that one’s 99.9% surely fake.

    1. I knew it too. I was telling everybody it was fake but I did have a tiny little thought in my mind that it could possibly be real.

  2. So for everyone that was so sure it was real and talking so much shit! One question. How do your dumbass feel now?

  3. I’m somewhat biggest issue with the Wii U tablet isn’t the touchscreen, but the damn size and how uncomfortable it is to me. Although I am glad that this buttonless controller isn’t the real deal.

  4. And the truth comes to light, as we knew it would. Maybe next time the maker can avoid writing such an infamous Iwata quote next to the “controller.” To be honest, perfectly replicating the most controversial image in this entire “Waiting for NX info” period is exactly what I would do if I wanted to rile up the gaming community.

    BTW, that second model is very impressive. I’ll give the creator that. I haven’t seen a fake image look this convincing since the fake Rayman Smash Bros. splash. [tips hat]

    1. And given the increasing accessibility to 3D printing equipment these days, that would be more possible than ever before.

  5. Thank God! I honestly don’t see Nintendo doing something like that anyways because yeah. it’s an oval. I don’t think that would help them very much

      1. I agree friend…I feel like W.D. GASTER was watching…the NX is still in the dark.

        “darkness, darker, darker, and darker still”…

        I’m warning you nintendo if you ever read this, you better do something good for the NX. if what I hear is right from this Geno guy, then you got my interest…however even he spreads rumors and most sound fake there too…but I hear he is also actuate.

        even reviewtech has him listed…DON’T FUCK UP!!!

  6. I consider this a good thing. A home console controller should have all the face buttons as actual buttons.

    1. Ugh. If that’s the case, Nintendo learned nothing from the backlash this fake got. From the moment all the hate for that controller went online, Nintendo had more than enough time from that point til E3 to change their direction with the controller.

    2. Especially if the NX console won’t come til late 2017. Unless of course they once again went the stupid route & made the “innovative” controller integral to the console, like the Gamepad was to the Wii U, instead of fucking optional like it should be. In which case, they’ll have to delay the NX to an even later date.

  7. Plot Twist: Nintendo of America framed the leaker by making it seem as if he was a terrorist. By way of the Patriot Act, he is being held up somewhere til the day he dies without trial or appeal & only the government knows he’s being held as his family simply believes he ran away. Meanwhile, Nintendo hires the best hacker in the world who goes on to hijack the leaker’s internet life & uses damn good photoshop to make it appear as if these leaks were very good fakes using photoshop.

    lmao Seriously, though! Wow! Talk about damn good photoshop. This leaker got some people real good. Scary, really, when photoshop is that damn good these days. Imagine what evil things it could be used for if Photoshop one day becomes impossible to tell is fake even when you break down the code. o.O

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