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Video: Here’s WatchMojo’s Top 10 Nintendo Villains

WatchMojo has uploaded a video with what they consider to be the Top 10 Nintendo villains. The many franchises of Nintendo are covered and they even list some honorable mentions that just didn’t quite reach the countdown. Feel free to watch the video below and let us know in the comments what you consider your favorite Nintendo villains to be.


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18 thoughts on “Video: Here’s WatchMojo’s Top 10 Nintendo Villains”

  1. DJ Octavio already made the cut?

    There are PLENTY of other villains who should have made it before him- the main antagonist of Xenoblade Chronicles, (not mentioned for spoilers), Mike Tyson, Louie (Pikmin), Smithy (Super Mario RPG), Lysandre (Pokemon X and Y), Porky Minch (Mother 3), even frickin’ Rahu from the Gamecube Custom Robo.

    1. Mike Tyson can’t count; he’s a real person. Also,…

      … Louie is a actually a villain (haven’t completed the game yet, and no, I don’t care about spoilers, so spoil away)?

      1. Well, there’s a theory that the Titan Dweevil at the end of the game was actually being controlled by Louie instead of Louie being its captive. Not to mention, Louie is the reason Pikmin 2 happens- a secret photo is unlocked if you 100% challenge mode that reveals that he ate all the carrots at the beginning, not some random space bunny.

  2. In my opinion, Ganondorf is the biggest badass of all the ones on this list. I was always pleased to beat the crap out of him in every game he appeared in. He’s SO evil! And while I love Bowser, I always thought of him as a “nice” bad guy. Probably because of all those Mario & Luigi and Paper Mario games etc. that make him seem comical. He always struck me as more of a school bully. But he makes some pretty cool final boss battles.

  3. Wow. Figures they’d go for Bowser as #1. In reality, he’s number 3, 4, or 5 at best. Maybe even lower in the list than that. And why did this guy have to use Andross’s scenes from Star Fox Adventures!? I fucking hated the fact they shoehorned his ass into the game as the true antagonist. Just like how Spirit Tracks could have came up with a brand new kingdom yet used a near carbon copy of Hyrule instead. Even the true villain in the game ended up having a face similar to Ganondorf’s. Least Kid Icarus broke that chain by having Medusa be the puppet instead of the master. With that in mind, I give Sakurai high props for not falling into the age old Nintendo problem of always shoving the original antagonist into every major installment of a franchise. As for Ridley, did he really have to use the way too overdramatic scene of Samus freaking out over Ridley? That scene would have been more welcomed from huge Metroid fans if it wasn’t so over the top with Samus actually shifting into her 3 year old self. Sadly, that’s not the only problem with Other M but that happens to be the biggest issue many have.

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