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Star Fox Zero Website Has Been Updated

Nintendo has updated the website for the upcoming Star Fox Zero and as you would expect it does indeed look gorgeous. There’s plenty of high resolution art and also a story trailer narrated by Fox McCloud himself. You can check it out, right here. Star Fox Zero finally launches on the Wii U on April 22nd in North America and Europe.

Thanks, shuhei “yoshito”

37 thoughts on “Star Fox Zero Website Has Been Updated”

      1. 1. Too many other expenses at the moment.
        2. My Wii U memory is full. I’ve been searching for an external hard drive, but they all have WAY too much memory (1TB, 2TB, 3TB etc.) and WAY too expensive. I don’t know why I can’t find a simple 500GB external hard drive?

        1. Get a good quality high capacity thumb drive, load the least used titles on there if you’re worried about read/write longevity, enjoy.
          For less than $20 you can once again enjoy your system, and when you get a chance you can buy the hard drive you want.

          1. If you don’t download games, then a TB of space for your Wii U is a total waste. He will need no more than a 16GB USB stick which doesn’t cost much at all nowadays.

            1. I tried a USB Flash Drive before, and that’s how I lost a lot of my save files. Though it might be because it wasn’t a good, known brand. I just ordered it from eBay. Didn’t even have a brand name on it. I was told before that flash drives aren’t reliable, and that my save files might eventually get lost/corrupted/deleted. People keep telling me that I need an external hard drive with it’s own power source (power plug).

              1. Is it because you tried to move data rather than copying? My data never got deleted or corrupted, but I did read this somewhere which is interesting:

                “Apparently, if the Wii U fails in its attempt to move your games from one location to another, what happens is that all the games it has already moved are deleted off the source location meanwhile the target location is completely corrupted.”

                Can’t say for sure if that’s what happened to you. But Nintendo does seem to recommend external hard drives anyway. Your best option would be to find a 120GB drive. But if those aren’t around, 500GB is fine and shouldn’t cost too much. Around maybe $40-50. That’s definitely overkill since you don’t download games, but it’s better than nothing I suppose.

                1. When I first tried a USB flash drive, I had to format it for the Wii U. Then after I copied all game files to the drive, I unplugged it. Then the next time I plugged it back into the Wii U, it told me that it needed to be formatted (again) in order to work on the Wii U. It wouldn’t even read the flash drive. Sadly, I already deleted the files from the Wii U, so I lost my files for Mario Kart 8, Assassin’s Creed IV, Hyrule Warriors etc. I was SO ticked off!

        2. Wii U still supports usb 2.0, & it formats just about any drive. If you do get one, get the ones recommended by Nintendo. In larger or smaller sizes, try getting a Buffalo; I’ve heard good things about the brand. I have 2tb (have bought games ) & games plus formatting is at about 400-500gigs. I think you can find an affordable 1tb.

  1. Only a few weeks left and there’s still no reason for me to get this on release.

    As long as that side game isn’t initial release only, I won’t pick this up until next year when my backlog is hopefully smaller.

    1. Same. I got around 10 games on my PS4 that I have yet to fully beat. Not to mention Project X Zone 2 on n3DS which I’ve barely played because I’ve been so busy with Witcher 3. I haven’t even gone over 2 minutes of playtime with the Bravely Second demo! It won’t be much longer til the full game of Bravely Second is also on my n3DS since I did the pre-downloaded thing.

  2. So remake then? I mean like literally this is almost note for note Star Fox 64 or the original Star Fox…They tell us it isn’t a reboot or a remake, and yet why is it that it is basically the same story told at least twice by now if you don’t count the 3DS version…This is quite clearly a reboot so then why tell us it’s not.

    1. All these years no starfox on a home console and this rehashed storyline was the best they could come up with? Im still going to get it though since it has Gamepad features.

    2. It’s not. Simple as that. Was the walker in Starfox 64? No it wasn’t. And we don’t even know the story. We know it will be about stopping Andross like usual much like Zelda is stopping Ganondorf. We know Starwolf is there and James McCloud will at least be a part of the story. But they could change if up a bit.

    3. To be fair, I bet even Miyamoto didn’t even know where SF was going after Adventures (not to say Assault’s story was bad, but it was predictable; Command’s story was ludicrous, though). I’m not fond of the story restarting a second time, but at least now the slate is cleaned and better stories might come along later.

      For the love of the gods, they better not retcon Krystal though.

      1. Same. For Krystal, I hope they remake Star Fox Adventures into Dinosaur Planet like it was originally meant to be. If they still want her to be part of Star Fox canon, just make it a spin-off where Star Fox makes a cameo appearance or actually aids Krystal. None of that damsel in distress bullshit again, though. If Miyamoto wants to do a storyline like that again, he needs to go back to working on a Mario game.

  3. I have to get the extra cable for a hardrive. Nintendo was too stupid in not giving the Wii U EXTRA power to make it work a hardrive off one cable back when Project Cafe was in R&D in 2008. Nintendo was stupid when they made Project Café.

    1. Power of the Wii U has nothing to do with using a hard drive. I’m not sure what you’re trying to say about a cable, but when I bought an external 1TB for my Wii U, it came with all the cables needed and worked fine. Sounds like it’s your own fault here.

        1. Actually, certain HDDs need 2 USB cords to work so it’s not necessarily the hardware you hook them up to. I think it’s mostly just the ones that don’t have their own separate power source, though.

      1. Also ignoring the same for the Gamecuve adapter needing two outlets not one. It’s Nintendo’s fault. Stop trying to pretend the specs in the Wii U aint slightly more powerful than PS3.

        Its only a tiny bit more powerful than PS3.

        1. Again, the power of the Wii U has nothing to do with using a hard drive. The Wii U being too weak to handle a cable makes no sense. Perhaps you did not do your research and didn’t buy the right kind.

  4. My friend and I took off work April 22nd so we can dive right in as soon as we get back from the store. Call us pathetic, but he’s gotten every SF game on launch with the exception of 643D, and though he doesn’t have a Wii U, I do, and I’ll be damned if he breaks his streak just because he doesn’t have the console.

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  6. “It’s not a reboot.” Yet we just got a carbon copy of the prologue from Star Fox 64 from Fox McCloud himself! “But the Walker that wasn’t in the original game so it’s not a reboot!” Clearly people that say that don’t know what a reboot actually entails.

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