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Video: Pokemon GO Beta Footage

With Pokemon GO in Beta testing, it was inevitable that footage from the game would find its way online. The first of what I’m sure will be a constant stream of videos features the character customization tool as well as a brief look at the in-game map and main menu options. As always, you can check out the clip below.


12 thoughts on “Video: Pokemon GO Beta Footage”

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  2. Still not looking good. No wild battles, no status effects, no battling random people, no exp points you evolve pokemon by catching more of the same kind instead of TRAINING them meaning you aren’t a pokemon trainer. The battling involves attacking pokemon (resonators) that have been deployed at bases (portals) until they faint so you can capture the base. Each person. Can deploy one pokemon at a base.

    I am infinitely disappointed with Niantic for screwing up such an easy concept so bad

  3. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt since it’s beta footage but I do hope that the characters look better in the end. The graphics for it looks terribly amateurish. I get that Nintendo isn’t about putting out amazing graphics but something as simple as a trainer shouldn’t have pieces looking like they were poorly cut out in paint and pasted on. Really hoping this has been improved on since beta.

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