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Ace Attorney 15th Anniversary Website Open

Some of you Ace Attorney fans might be celebrating the series 15th anniversary by watching the Anime adoption on Crunchyroll, but developer Capcom has another way of doing it. To commemorate the accomplished defense attorney’s many adventures, Capcom has launched a dedicated anniversary website which you can find here.

There’s not much to the site as of right now, but it does include a nice message from Ace Attorney creator and Managing Director, Shu Takumi. A translation of this, courtesy of Court-Records.Net, can be found below.

Sixteen years ago, we started with a single idea: “a mystery game series the likes of which had never been seen before.”
With that, we put together a team of just seven people – and a year later, in October 2001, “Ace Attorney” was born.
At the time we had the burning desire to make a game that people could enjoy for 10, or even 15 years, but now here we are fifteen years later… almost without me noticing, Ace Attorney’s grown to become a truly massive project. As its creator, I’m incredibly moved and happy that it’s come this far.
Thinking over all that’s happened, I get the feeling that the series always had the warm support of its fans, and it’s something of a happy series because of that. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.
As we pass through this momentous 15-year mark, I hope you all look forward to the ever-expanding world of Ace Attorney.

-Ace Attorney Managing Director, Shu Takumi

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