Competition: Win Kirby Plushie, Ryu And Roy Amiibo

Update 8/4/16:  The winner is Moz Thundurr. Congratulations!

It’s long overdue for me to run a competition on the blog. If you follow our various social media accounts you’ll have noticed that we have had a few giveaways. Well, now it’s time for those loyal readers of the blog to have a chance of winning something. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post simply naming your favourite Kirby game. That’s all! The winner (chosen at random and shipping worldwide) will get the official Kirby plushie and the Roy and Ryu amiibo figures. Best of luck!



    1. I guess I’d say my favorite Kirby game of all time is probably the one that got me into Kirby in the first place, that game is Kirby’s Epic Yarn.
      I thought at the time it was going to be the biggest game Kirby ever had. Boy was I wrong. Later when I found out how sad the launch of the game was I wanted to play it more. I even saved up club nintendo points Just for the Kirby’s epic yarn Patches you could stick on differant things. My patches are currently still on my gaming pouch to this day. I also have a very fond memory of playing Kirby in Smash Brothers Brawl on the Wii and being so happy he was in the game.

  1. Kirby Superstar Ultra is the best for me. It gave new life to an old game, for a new console, with awesome new features. :D But Planet Robobot might take that place in my heart when it comes out, so we’ll see then. XD

  2. -||Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards because of the creativity put in it compared to the later ones||-

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  3. That’s a tough one… Return to Dreamland was my first, and I really liked that game for level design, power ups, etc. but I also loved the recent 3DS games. The levels felt compacted and small, but you cant go wrong with handheld Kirby!

  4. Kirby’s Dream Course will always be my number one, I can play that game forever. The runner up would have to be the gameboy release.

  5. I haven’t played a ton of Kirby games, but I’ll have to say Kirby 64 was the best for me. Combining powers and destroying enemies with them was super cool :D

  6. Definitely Kirby and the Amazing Mirror. Classic Kirby gameplay and it felt extensive due to its overworld. Finding the different paths to each world was also extremely fun and on top of that you had the colours to collect.

  7. It has to be Kirbys epic yarn because I have fond memories of waking up early to play it with my younger brother. On top of this it is a fun game that still holds up well today

  8. Although I was quite late, and I started playing Kirby in the Wii era, starting with Kirby 64. My favourite has to be Kirby’s Adventure Wii. (Yeah, we got the crap EU name) I just found it so fun, and I have fond memories of the multi-player.

  9. Return to Dreamland was really outstanding! (as we can see from the comments, a lot of people picked this one)
    But for me, my all time favorite Kirby game is still The Amazing Mirror! It’s simply… Amazing, you know? Especially when it was played in the glorious 4 players!

    Also! I wanted to thank MyNintendoNews for this. Wow! And to ship worldwide! It’s amazing! You already do a great job with the news and to even do that.. Thank you, honestly!

  10. I loved Kirby Air Ride as a kid, spent so many hours playing around in City Trial and stuff. I really need to get in to Kirby games though, I’ve always meant to. I’ve been recommended Kirby Triple Deluxe by a good friend and I wanted to try out Epic Yarn too, it looks really cute!

  11. My favourite is Kirby Triple Deluxe, the quality of the level design is just astounding and it’s a game that is just… almost peaceful to play through, it’s so much fun!

  12. It would be Kirby and the Amazing Mirror because that was the first video game I had ever played… I got it and the game boy advance for my birthday when I was young and I cherished it for many years.

  13. My personal favorite Kirby game is Amazing Mirror. An awesome open Kirby game that rewards you for exploring and lets you play with up to 3 other people. What else could you ask for?

  14. Kirby’s Adventure. I love that game to pieces. Crane game, egg game, quick draw…so many goodies.

  15. Kirby’s Amazing Mirror, had so much fun with this. There were some things I didn’t like about it (don’t remember) which other Kirby games did better but it had some cool stuff like the Smash Bros. ability

  16. It’s honestly hard for me to choose. I love what they were able to do with Kirby’s Adventure specially considering it’s a NES game; Super Star/Super Star Ultra is still fun to play today and I never get tired of it; Triple Deluxe is also extremely fun. If I had to choose, I’d say it’s Super Star/Star Ultra, but I feel like most Kirby games deserve a mention.

  17. I have fond memories of Kirby Super Star saga from my young years, but also had a blast with Kirby’s Dream Course with my friends, but as an adult I found Kirby’s Return to dream land as the perfect game to play with my 3 kids from start to finish and then all over again in hard mode. Gotta love Kirby games, then people wonder why my nick name is Kirby Z. ^_^

  18. Kirby’s Dream Collection

    Short and dirty, I had a much bigger answer, but it always gives me an error and I have no patience right now to wright it AGAIN!. MHPF!

  19. Kirby’s Dream Land 3! The art style is delicious! By the way, thank you very much for making this competition, I love this blog, I truly think is the most reliable to check the Nintendo news. You guys are awesome, keep doing this good!

  20. Kirby’s return to dreamland, I have to say that one because it’s the first kirby game I played with my sister, and my sister’s first introduction to the kirby series!

  21. My favorite Kirby game has to be Kirby’s Dreamland 3, tho Kirby’s Returns to Dream Land is pretty good too.

  22. Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, it was actually my first Kirbyville game but I liked it and have gone on to try and buy others on the VC

  23. Kirby’s Return to Dreamland on the Wii was such an amazing experience! It was brilliant an brought back a lot of innovative features from its SNES counterparts.

  24. Kirby Super Star, that’s where it all started for me.

    Thanks for running this Sickr. I had no idea you guys ran them on social media.

  25. It has to be Kirby and the Amazing Mirror. I absolutely adore the nonlinear style of gameplay. It’s the game that made me the huge Kirby fan I am today. Superstar and Return to Dreamland come in a close second though. I also really enjoyed Kirby 64 and of course, Air Ride. Good luck to everyone! For Kirby and for Nintendo!

  26. Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland was the first Kirby game I played, on my friend’s GBA SP! but Kirby 64 was the first one I had, and I loved the ability combination mechanic!

  27. For me, it’s definitely Kirby Super Star. The Great Cave Offensive is something really special.

  28. Kirby’s Adventure – First entry on NES, so many memories – still holds up after all these years. Ground breaking in its times. But i love all Kirby Games because they are easy, relaxing and fun – something different. And they are mastered to perfection by their creators.

    PS: I am reading My Nintendo News for so many years, you are my number 1 source. Keep it up!

  29. My favorite of all time since childhood are and will probably always be

    Kirby Superstar & Kirby 64

    Those classic Kirby games never get old!