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Nintendo Invested Around $527 Million In Research And Development Last Fiscal Year

New data has come to light that reveals that Nintendo invested around $527 million in research and development in the past fiscal year. The company also generated $5 billion in revenue. The information was discovered by Technavio who are a market research company. Nintendo was in the top five vendors in the global motion-controlled remote market along with other well known companies including Hillcrest Labs, LG, Samsung and SMK. Obviously Nintendo has been pumping money into development of its forthcoming NX platform which is due to be revealed later this year as well as its Quality of Life initiative and other unknown products and projects.

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27 thoughts on “Nintendo Invested Around $527 Million In Research And Development Last Fiscal Year”

    1. No, they just are holding off till it jas more to offer. They probably decided to connect it to the NX in some way (new tech) like a Bluetooth device type thing. Which the 3DS has no Bluetooth and the Wii U dues have it but still they may want some other hardware to round it out. Like Microsoft has health vault which connects different fitness apps so they can share data, including with new Kinect games. They may be doing something similar. “Wii fit” well also probably become an app with lots of DLC and new devices, like fitness band support and a new balance board.

      1. Also quality of life is more then just fitness. Its also education, daily activity, food/nutrition, pet care, cleaning/home care, even clothing and work. So they may be planning. Whole family of QOL devices and services.

        1. Don’t hold your breath. The fitness & wellness market is already over saturated. While I’m sure the NX will include an updated version of their famous “Wii Fit/U”. I doubt they will be marketing it or anything else under the umbrella of “Quality of Life”.

          You say “No” as if you are certain about their plan…Why? Nobody is ever certain about Nintendo’s future plans. Not even Nintendo.

    1. A decade? More like then you will ever make in your life. Unless you plan on being a Millionaire somehow…

  1. thats almost like 6 billion dollors that they work for to make that kind of development they been pumping there research money for the upcoming NX so i’m sure hope that nintendo knows what its doing because i just want the NX to be out next year that would be good for them to save up more money right?.

    1. Sadly, it’ll probably all go to that filthy Metroid wannabe game Federation shitForce. :/ They’ll try to sell it to the same people that bought Splatoon, no doubt. :/

      1. I dunno. They pushed Codename Steam in a similar fashion when it first came out, but the advertising eventually dwindled down from all the fan disinterest and backlash. But I guess being an already established first party IP could definitely make that difference.

      2. If that’s the case, they’d just set the game up even further for failure since Splatoon is fast-paced and can get extremely hectic at times (like when everyone is scrambling to get on the tower in Tower Control), and from what we’ve seen, Farce is dreadfully slow. It seriously makes no sense why the soldiers slow down soooo much when they use the jets to stay airborne after jumping.

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  3. I don’t know why they making that number anything special. FY 2013 was higher.

    From April 1, 2014 to March 31, 2015: U.S.$ 527 million
    From April 1, 2013 to March 31, 2014: U.S.$ 696 million
    From April 1, 2012 to March 31, 2013: U.S.$ 568,588
    From April 1, 2011 to March 31, 2012: U.S.$642,380
    From April 1, 2010 to March 31, 2011: U.S.$362,592

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  6. Yes, please Nintendo, do your homework- we loyal consumers have been giving you all the answers but you’ve been coming up with your own, and many of them have been incorrect.

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