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Miitomo’s First-Ever Update Is Now Available

Nintendo has dispatched the very first update for Miitomo on iOS devices since its launch outside of Japan. Now available for download, the 1.1.1 patch weighs in at 59 MB and fixes several issues found in the mobile application. Miitomo was released worldlwide on March 30. The app gathers information about its users by asking them a series of questions, which lead to answers that are shared with friends.

22 thoughts on “Miitomo’s First-Ever Update Is Now Available”

  1. Oh jeez, if we’re going to start getting articles on these updates it’s going to be a mess because it’s going to update so frequently. Unless it’s a new feature, these posts are pointless as bugs are endless in mobile.
    This is for the Apple version, as Android is at a higher version number as others have pointed out (1.1.2 since 3/31).

  2. My favourite glitch so far is it keeps saying ‘garlic bread’ instead of my friend’s name. I click on her answers the most now cause it’s funny to hear robot me read ‘Vivian’ as ‘Garlic Bread’.

  3. In 6 months, I suspect there will have been at least 5 more incremental updates. This is not news. It is how apps work. Also, as an Android User, the app was already 1.1.1 when I downloaded it, and I’m currently running 1.1.2.

  4. I just got this last night finally and after playing around a little more this morning I already had enough platinum coins to get Warioware Touched. I like how I just had to click the link and it auto downloaded to my 3DS, no more dealing with entering those long codes ^^

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