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Famitsu Reveals New Details For Story of Seasons: Good Friends of Three Villages

This week’s edition of Famitsu has provided four pages of new details about the upcoming 3DS title Story of Seasons: Good Friends of Three Villages.

The article covers the character appearance aspect of the game, noting that you can customise your character in various ways such as hair colour and style, clothes and accessories. It also mentions that there will be Nintendo themed costumes in the title including Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad. The costumes also have additional effects, for instance Mario’s costume increases speed whilst Peach’s costume makes it easier to raise your friendship levels.


In addition to the above details, the game will also have a cooking feature, allowing you to gather ingredients to make recipes that can regenerate your health, lower your health reduction, allow you to move faster, and also make it easier to fish.

The article also mentions new marriage candidates Hinata and Komari from Tsuyukusa Village. Hinata’s career goal is to become an actor, whilst Komari works in as a waitress in the teahouse.

Previously, it was also announced via Famitsu that Story of Seasons: Good Friends of Three Villages will have multi-player functionality, including both local and online play. You can catch up on more details here.

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    1. Meh, I would say Peach has a friendly personality. I love Harvest Moon games, this looks pretty good. And the online multiplayer is nice. So Many Games To BUY!

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