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Emily Rogers Shares The Zelda Wii U Rumours

You’ve probably just read that Emily Rogers has heard that we should be getting more information for The Legend of Zelda Wii U soon. Well, she has just shared what she has learnt on Twitter. Sources have told her that the game is in development for both the Wii U and the upcoming Nintendo NX platform. She has also heard that you can choose between a male or female as your playable character in the game and that it will also feature voice acting, but Link will remain silent.

134 thoughts on “Emily Rogers Shares The Zelda Wii U Rumours”

    1. There are tons of games with voice acting where the protagonist is silent The Elder Scrolls Games (sorta, Skyrim ha some voice, but very minimal), the KotOR games, stuff like that.

    2. Yea, voice acting will be nice. And since it was a female Link in that last trailer we got for Zelda U, I figured you would be able to choose. I tried to tell people that was a female Link for ages, nobody believed me… Vindication is so nice,,,

  1. Interesting.. Rumor 1 we all thought, Rumor 2 is about time and like that Link is silent and boy or girl… different storylines would then be nice not just a different skin

  2. I don’t know how to feel about VA. By now, NOT having characters speaking has become one of the series’ defining traits. I’m not sure how they’ll be able to pull it off. I’d like it if the characters spoke in Hylian or something to the effect. The thought of hearing English in Zelda is just plain weird.

      1. I don’t see it working in any other way. An actual language would detract from the fantasy setting, in my opinion. Zelda isn’t The Elder Scrolls, it can’t get away with just pasting ye olde English onto everything without ruining its atmosphere.

        1. We’ll see… if it is English and it detracts from the experience, the option of turning it off would be nice… if we waited all this time for them to add voice acting, well, that would suck.

          How about the female character? Think it will be two storylines or just a swap?

          1. I think it will be kind of like in Pokémon. Link + another original female character. I doubt it’ll affect the game in any meaningful way. It could affect some dialogues, I guess, and maybe some sidequests, but nothing major. You don’t want to mess too much with Zelda’s formula.

            That said, I’d prefer to make Zelda the counterpart, if not to adapt Linkle outright.

            1. I see that. I imagine how it would have been to play the female character in Windwaker some. Either way, if it means more game, however they get it to us and get it to us soon would be great

      1. Voice acting is needed when voice acting is needed. No game is more or less ‘evolved’ because of VA alone. That perception comes from the myriad of pseudo-realistic games that emerged from the 6th and 7th gen. Most of them needed VA in order to reduce the uncanny valley effect of having two figures with realistic human proportions communicating without actually saying a word.

        1. I don’t know. I agree with this if we were talking about OoT or MM. Voice acting wouldn’t have made those games any better IMO. But I truly believe voice acting in Skyward Sword would have improved the quality of the game. Everything was so upbeat and musical in that game. But the way the game freezes and sometimes gets silence when reading text just seemed out of place, and like it broke the rhythm of the game. Zelda U would benefit from voice acting IMO.

          1. Can’t really agree with that. Or any other Zelda game, for that matter. Zelda games have always had that atmosphere of mystery about them, one that’s very hard to keep without minimal voice acting. Other series do manage to get it right with minimal voice acting (the Prime games come to mind, or Souls, or Ico games…), but they’d have to find something that works with the world they’ve established. Hyrule and other Zelda realms are rarely unpopulated, and conversations between the characters are commonplace. In my opinion, it’s not worth the effort, screwing up would be extremely easily.

            1. I think voice acting is inevitable in the Zelda franchise. Keep Link silent, but I want to know what Gorons and the Zora sound like. Nintendo has too high of standards and quality control to allow mediocre or half assed voice acting. If and when Zelda gets VA it will be top notch Nintendo quality and only prove to up the value of the Zelda franchise.

      2. I’M GOING TO DESTROY YOU!!!!!!! it just looks silly to me when bosses talk in text. and with my dislexia the tension is pretty much lost Because my awful reading speed.

        1. Yeah that’s true, but I really got a sense that it was a taste of what was to come in the Zelda series, kind of a way to warm us up for full on VA in a later installment, at least that’s how it felt to me when I was playing HW. With that said, I thought the actors were actually pretty good, but it still felt weird coming from a Zelda game.

          1. I took it the other way around. If they didn’t do it in Hyrule Warriors, a harmless spin-off title, they won’t try it in a main game. HW was the perfect chance to introduce it in a non-official way, make people think it’s a one-time thing and see their reaction, and they didn’t dare there. Maybe Koei planned to do it, but couldn’t for budget reasons, maybe Nintendo refused, I don’t know. The thing is, they kind of missed a great chance there.

            Besides, and kind of tangential: I don’t really see Nintendo advocating for VA in their games after Other M’s reception.

            1. My gut feeling was that it wasn’t full on for budget reasons, which left me feeling kind of disappointed with that aspect of the game, it just felt kind of cheap and half-assed. Only time will tell what will happen with this new Zelda U(NX?), but it’s fun to speculate. ^^

    1. I couldn’t be more against voice acting. Voice-acting can get very easily obnoxious, loud and more importantly, English. I don’t want Zelda to sound American or Japanese. Hyrule is in its own separate world so why drag it down to earth? I love how the series combined the serene and up-to-your-own imagination nature of a book with the cinematic visuals of a film. Characters had mystique and felt truly out of this world.

      1. I thought like you did up until I played Skyward Sword for the first time. For some reason it just felt strange playing that game without voice acting. It seemed like it almost broke the rhythm of the game. Especially certain cutscenes. Voice acting done right, with good voice acting can only improve the series IMO. And I understand what you saying about it being English, the character are supposed to be Hylian..(or Hyrulian?) FFS! But it works for me because as a kid I always just pretended we were speaking Hyrulian and I just had the ability to understand them!. See, imagination works both ways.

    2. Well, they had characters lip sync (silent) to the dialog in Hyrule Warriors (along with actual VA at times)… It’s obvious Nintendo is thinking about voice acting in some way. I’m sure they’ll go about it carefully and not make it an overload.

    1. Also, everyone who told me I was out of my mind months ago for saying 1) it was coming to the NX and 2)the NX is releasing in some form this year can eat a bag of dicks.

      1. lol i’d hold off on reaching into your bag of dicks you so elegantly carry around, this is still just an unconfirmed rumor :P

        (tbh though i have no doubt this game will get the same treatment that twilight princess did back in 2006)

            1. 1. The satisfaction in knowing that I was right and can predict and understand tech trends as opposed to some people who don’t have a clue.
              2. I’ll care.

              You want your bag of dicks in paper or ziplock? I bet the latter would keep it fresh longer.

          1. I am surprised, and have been, at the abrasiveness by some at the notion that it would be a dual release after Nintendo has done this in the past already, and that with the NX on the horizon and this game being pushed back, why would release one of the biggest new games in the past 10 years from Nintendo (5 years at least) on the “old” system when a new one is coming so soon? That’s right, it is silly…

            The only curve ball might be that the handheld NX comes out first (if that is something that happens, the NX combo, although some say it has been confirmed that the NX is a home console)

            And it is powerful enough somehow to play WiiU games, which would be pretty crazy even though some have said that is also impossible

            1. Its definitely not impossible, the technology is there to make an xbox one power handheld, the Wii u in a handheld is fairly cheap and easy.

  3. For linear Zelda games like SS or TP I prefer to not have VA but for a big open world full of NPCs is a must in my opinion, and opens a lot of gameplay possibilities.

  4. 🎭Mr. Boss Ass Bitch💊

    Getting it for the Nx. Fuck the wii u. Having a female link and male link is a plus. There are a lot of female Zelda fans out there. Hell my last
    time had zeldaitis. That bitch would play the hell out of Twilight Princess. Or any zelda game.
    And again this for those who say voice acting won’t work.

    1. Well isn’t Ghirahim verbose when dubbed?
      I still stand by my opinion, and you have pointed me to another argument against VA: the writing needs to accommodate VA. There’s text, even in this very clip, that works when read, but just doesn’t when spoken out loud. That’s an extra stylistic compromise they have to make.

      1. 🎭Mr. Boss Ass Bitch💊

        I’ve noticed as well. Some words shouldn’t be spoken out loud when acting them out. But that’s where the power of voice acting comes in. Honestly i couldn’t take ghirahim seriously while reading his dialogue. Something about voice acting just sets the mood right for me. It’s just like reading a subbed anime. You don’t know when that person is actually serious or just goofing around. Idk it all depends if they get the right voices in there. But that script was designed to be read and not spoken. That’s just like creating voice acting for a written noval.

        1. Obviously, the character isn’t meant to be taken seriously. However, his lines don’t take you out of the action when you read them, unlike when they’re heard. That’s the main difference I wanted to point out. It might just be a problem with the actor’s delivery, but I don’t think that’s it.

      2. females make up less than 20% of zelda, and that’s just from a facebook survey, with 50% of people saying they oppose switching links gender, and the other saying they would like a SEPERATE female character, like zelda to be playable. if they make link a female option than my liking for the character is completely gone. gender switching anyone is a horrible idea for both female and male characters. I’m not buying the game if they go full PC and make him female. Changing the character to please a minority is fucking bullshit.

          1. im sorry but if i’m bothering to challenge your argument with why gender swapping shouldn’t be encouraged you can atleast respond back with a counter argument or change your opinion. Changing link to a female for the sake to please minorities is pointless as it just ruins links ESTABLISHED relationships in the game and history. There is literally no point if changing a characters gender, if you are changing it just for the sake of it, it means nothing, and if you are changing the gender AND the personality and history of the character, THEN JUST MAKE A NEW CHARACTER. He is an established character not a self created one in an rpg. If you change him to female than his relationships with zelda and ganandorf throughout the series are ruined, it will crate plot holes in hyrules history and ruin links character for the majority of the fanbase, and for what??? so girls can not feel left out that their gender isn’t represented in the game. bullshit, i know female zelda fans and they don’t give two shits about links gender. And at the end of the say, despite the fact that changing his gender would only DO BAD, and NO GOOD, Nintendo WILL NEVER DO IT, because they are smart enough to know it would ruin the character, and most likely destroy the IP losing them a LARGE financial asset. SO PLEASE, unless you can show me how my arguments are wrong, or how it is GOOD if links character is changed then I encourage you to think about this more, and change your opinion. PC is not a good thing, gender swapping is lazy, not progressive. If you want a female option in zelda, than encourage the option to either play as zelda, or have another ORIGINAL female protagonist which isnt a female link, or linkle (she is horrible). I don’t want this to happen because i prefer link to be the main hero but atleast it will shut the SJW’s up.

            1. Two things:
              I’m against just gender-swapping Link. You’d know that if you weren’t looking for someone to argue with.

              Secondly, just because you “challenge my arguments” it doesn’t mean I have the obligation to reply to you, especially when you don’t know to whom or what you’re talking about.

              Again, sucks to be you.

        1. What’s wrong with options? Options never in the history of mankind have hurt a game. But do you know what does hurt games? The lack of options.. I support a female link option just for the fact it gives the player another option to choose from. Now….If they could just add VA and a difficulty option we’d be caught up to the times…

          1. are you brain dead? an option isn’t automatically a good thing JUST because it is an option. a female version of link isn’t a good fucking thing JUST because it’s an extra option. TLOZ isn’t an rpg, meaning the character isn’t created by you, IT IS ESTABLISHED. link is a character, the main hero of the game, with the plot revolving around him. adding a female option will just ruin the plot, ruin the history of the series, change link from an ESTABLISHED CHARACTER to a faceless avatar, JUST so what is most likely less than 20-10% of the zelda fanbase don’t have a cry. THIS IS POLITICAL CORRECTNESS, WHICH IS NOT GOOD. Does this mean every game should not have a male only character??? and should only have gender less or male and female options?? NO, that is anti-creative freedom. and a difficulty option???? no… difficulty options in them selves are lazy because all they do is increase enemy health or double their damage. the game should progress with your skill and gradually challenge you by introducing new enemies and worlds. A DIFFICULTY OPTION IS OUT OF THE TIME.

            1. Actually Link was never intended to be an established character. The name link came from the actual link between the game and kid playing the game. Miyamoto has said before that Link is you, meaning the player. That’s why you can always rename your character in every Zelda game, and it shows up in game. As a kid playing the very first Zelda when it release I actually imagined myself in the game. I renamed my Link to Josh, and off on an adventure I went. Believe it or not Nintendo still has the same feelings towards Link as they did almost 30 years ago. So why deny girls the ability to BE Link? To rename thier Link Jessica, and actually have a female avatar? How the hell does that effect your game? The answer is it doesn’t. It doesn’t effect you at all. The good thing about options is that they are optional. You don’t like it, ignore it. You have to be a pretty big time hater if you disagree with that. And WTF do you mean difficulty option is “out of time”? That’s just a flat out stupid thing to say.

            2. I understand your point about difficulty options if the main game has difficulty already. But if the game is way too easy and offers zero challenge the. a difficulty option is nice. What do you think “hero mode” is? It’s a difficulty setting, nothing more. Only problem is most of the time it’s not available until after you beat the game on easy default mode, and sometimes they were not in the game at all. A simple “hero mode” from the start of Zelda U would be nice. Stop being a hater.

    2. “And again this for those who say voice acting won’t work”… was the rest of your sentence going to be “here’s why you’re right”? The fact that they have good voice actors in the clip you posted, shows exactly why it wouldn’t work. It’s not about whether the voices will be good or bad but whether or not they feel consistent to the world that the other games spent years building. It doesn’t. It loses all mystique and individuality and becomes something very predictable, very ordinary and very English. Ghirahim is not English and shouldn’t sound like it.

    3. My only gripe with this video… is why isn’t Link holding the god damn Hylian Shield!?! *eye twitch* How dare he use a lame shield while using the true Master Sword!?

      1. stop straw manning. changing links gender his completely fucking different to the games art style. having his hair color jump from brown to blonde, or toon link to child link HAS NO EFFECT ON HIS CHARACTER. HOWEVER making him a FEMALE would change his character. Honestly I don’t know why you support this shit, gender swapping is LAZY and pointeless. if you are gonna swap his gender and just for the sake of swapping his gender, WHAT’S THE POINT. AND TLOZ isn’t and rpg!!! LINK IS AN ESTABLISHED CHARACTER. this politically correct bullshit is getting so out of hand. soon we won’t ever fucking have male or female characters because everyones feelings will get hurt every character will just be genderless. I honestly doubt females are that inmature they can’t play zelda without link being female. I love tomb raider and I WOULD NEVER want swuare to make lara crosft a male, because it just ruins the fucking character, same with samus.

        1. In Tomb Raider can you change Lara Crofts name? In Metroid can you change Samus’s name and have it show up in game? No. The answer is no you can’t. The story in those games revolve around those characters. In Zelda you can change Links name and have it show up in game. The story doesn’t necessarily revolve around “Link”. It revolves around whoever you name your Link to be. Having a female version of Link does not take anything away from the lore or the quality. Your just butthurt that People will be able to play as a female version of Link.

          1. Not to mention, both Lara and Samus are more or less defined characters with backstories that extend before the games’ action and carry their past experiences from game to game, unlike Link. Their whole series is about them. I don’t see how Zelda II affects Wind Waker Link in any way, for example.

            1. We also have to take the fact Link, and even Zelda, are always in a process of reincarnation throughout the timeline. There is no rules in reincarnation that says a soul has to always be reincarnated into the body of the same sex they were in their previous life.

              1. Not to mention, the gendered connotation of the soul of the “hero” (in contrast with “heroine”) comes from localization, since Japanese doesn’t have neither an opposite gender counterpart nor the morphological mechanisms to express gender through nouns alone. Basically, “the soul of the hero always reincarnates in male form” is nothing but headcanon.

  5. Nintendo… give us a Direct… pls… we need something official to go with all these rumors we’ve been wolfing down lately. Give us something concrete… pls ‘tendo…

    And I know E3 will be here before we know it but I need to know realistically how much of my income they’ll be taking from me this fall.

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  7. I’m up for voice acting, but like a few people here said, I’d rather it not be in English. I want an unknown language with subtitles, kinda like we saw with Midna.

    I’d be fine with having a female playable character, but unless there’s an actual reason to use her (i.e. diffent story/circumstances) I’ll be sticking with male Link.

    Finally, can anyone tell me who Emily Rogers is, and if there’s any credit to her name that would make these rumors believable?

        1. Hey, what would be great is, instead of some games like Batman Arkham City where you play Catwoman here and there in a separate, a completely separate story would be great, with only some crossover with the other character… two games in one would be killer.

  8. So the new Zelda is coming to the Wii U and the NX huh? Well….I got that impression when Nintendo announced that they weren’t going to talk about it or show it at last year’s E3 but this along with the already confirmed 3D Mario launch title is certainly going to help make the NX look very attractive to people who are on the fences about buying it at launch. I’m loving that you’ll have that option of choosing between a male or a female, that’s going to be awesome but I just hope each character has their own separate storyline and adventure scenarios. These next coming months should be very interesting…..come on Nintendo….just talk about the NX already……the suspense is killing me lol

  9. Aonuma said, “I purposely tried not to talk too much about the new game at this year’s E3. That’s because I was not in a position to give clear information about what kind of game it is, and also because, by doing so, I wanted to gauge people’s reactions as they tried to get an idea about this new game. This reaction from fans is something I would like to take into consideration as we proceed with development – although that doesn’t mean we are going to change the main character to a girl.”

    I really, really, really doubt they will use this “female/male” Link option, this is not like Pokémon. Link is a reencarnation of a hero, Zelda is the reencarnation of the goddess Hylia, Ganondorf is the reencarnation of Evil, Demise. Changing this for nothing is a disrespect to the fans, especially if is just to please non-players.

    – Assuming that it is true –

    1. This is but one of the legends of which the people speak…

      Long ago, there existed a kingdom where a golden power lay hidden. It was a prosperous land blessed with green forests, tall mountains, and peace.

      But one day, a man of great evil found the golden power and took it for himself. With its strength at his command, he spread darkness across the kingdom. But then, when all hope had died, and the hour of doom seemed at hand…

      …”a young boy” clothed in green appeared as if from nowhere. Wielding the blade of evil’s bane, he sealed the dark one away and gave the land light.

      “This boy”, who traveled through time to save the land, was known as the Hero of Time. “The boy’s” tale was passed down through generations until it became legend… But then, a day came when a fell wind began to blow across the kingdom. The great evil that all thought had been forever sealed away by the hero once again crept forth from the depths of the earth, eager to resume its dark designs.

      The people believed that the Hero of Time would again come to save them… But the hero did not appear. Faced by an onslaught of evil, the people could do nothing but appeal to the Gods. In their last hour, as doom drew nigh, they left their future in the hands of fate.

      What became of that kingdom? None remain who know.

      The memory of the kingdom vanished, but its legend survived on the wind’s breath. On a certain island, it became customary to garb boys in green when they came of age. Clothed in the green of fields, they aspired to find heroic blades and cast down evil. The elders wished only for the youths to know courage like the hero of legend.


      The legend is the history of a boy, a normal boy, changing this is unnecessary.

        1. you are very, very wrong. the idea of christmas going away is a media manifestation to further entrench it as a global holiday, one that is even embedded into the law of the united states, one of the many countries that are under control or whose land is under ownership of the Catholic church since being “discovered” 500 some odd years ago…

          1. Hmm I’m kinda confused by your comment. Are you saying the U.S. is owned by the Catholic Church? Because based on what I’ve seen, that’s definately not the case.

              1. I’m not so sure about that. If anything the U.S. is moving away from the church. Younger generations are proving to be less and less religious, and it’s only a matter of time before the young replace the old.

                1. This isn’t the place, but I can see and understand why you have that opinion as it seems to be valid on the surface. But what is said publicly and the actual intentions of some are just not the same. Might as well just stick with video games ’round these parts

              2. Yeah I have to disagree with that. Most of the time you see politicians “kissing the ring,” it’s a publicity stunt. They know that the Church is still pretty well respected among the public and they’ll do whatever they can to score brownie points. Pleasing the Church, or pleasing anyone for that matter, does not come into play for many politicians. A lot of them pursue their own personal interests.

    2. This is exactly how I feel. I’d be perfectly fine with a female playable character. But I don’t want that character to be a female version of Link and I don’t want that character to be the main protagonist. If I play a Zelda game, I want Link as the hero.

    3. To be fair, Zelda’s lore is a complete mess, half of it is composed by officialized fan theories and Aonuma couldn’t care less about it when making new games. There’s nothing stopping him in making changes in the fórmula if he wants to other than fan reaction. That said, I don’t think they will add a feature like this, but if they do, yoy have to stop seeing this as “pleasing non-players”. Companies don’t opperate like that. If they do it, it will be either because it will bring in some more money (it would catter to more people) or because it fits their creative vision (the most probable scenario, given that Aonuma is going full original Zelda/WRPG on this one)

      1. You don’t think they will add a feature like what? Female character option? If that’s what you meant then I disagree. They were already half way there IMO. Miyamoto and Aonuma have always said that “Link” was just the link between the player and the game. That “Link” was YOU. That’s why they always give you the option to change your name. Adding a female option is doing nothing but allowing female players to finally have the same ability to “become Link”.

        1. This is actually a really good point. Miyamoto has said that for this game they were revisiting the earliest entries in the series to once again give the game an open world, go-where-you’d-like feel. Well in the earliest entries, Link wasn’t an established character. He was intended to be a “link” between the player and the game. By itself, this argument could justify the inclusion of a female option

        2. Yeah, that’s what I meant. I don’t think they will do that because of one very simple reason: Zelda is Nintendo’s favorite child. Even if Mario gets the spotlight more often than not, they still treat his franchises more like a cash cow than anything else. I’ve always pictured Nintendo as overprotective with the Zelda franchise, so as I said, the less they mess with the formula, the safer it will be in their eyes.

          Then again, they’ve been taking riskier moves recently, such as making more spin-offs and going back to basics. The possibility is stronger than ever, but I don’t think we’re quite there yet.

  10. If this is true, I guess I won’t be buying the Wii U version. I’ll wait for the NX version (even if it’s the same exact game). This is the first time in history that I’ve been looking forward to the end of a Nintendo console’s life cycle. Hopefully the NX doesn’t make me feel that same way.

  11. Voice acting? Eww, no thank you.
    Female Link? If Aonuma feels like wasting everyone’s time with code no fan cares for that’s his choice, as long as he doesn’t remove male Link he can give the socially-inept SJWs who think they need to be “represented” in the game because they have no social life to pour themselves into their female Link so that they can keep living vicariously through videogames; meanwhile I’ll play with male Link just like I play with female Samus.

  12. If Nintendo goes full Politically Correct SJW and makes link female than I’m not buying the game. I don’t want it that for Zelda, I don’t want it for Samus, or mario or lara croft. Gender Swapping is a lazy, stupid and pointless thing.

  13. Good news all around. I agree that Link shouldn’t speak, but there’s no reason Nintendo shouldn’t use voice acting for other characters, assuming they’ve actually forked out the cash for real actors.

  14. Female Link option was obvious, you know, since she was revealed in that last teaser trailer we got! She is several inches shorter than her male counterpart, her face is rounder, and she has thick stubby legs… That was the female Link in that trailer, everyone is just so damned in denial they can’t see it… Even GAMEXPLAIN missed it..

    1. they aren’t in denial…. they just aren’t schizophrenic idiots. nintendo will never genderswap their characters because they understand how disastrous it would be to the intellectual property. Social justice and political correctness has ALWAYS lead to a fall in a companies stock prices. Look at twitter. and how about barbies ‘realistic dolls’, they caused HUGE declines int he value of their assets. and I keep seeing you say “YAY FEMALE LINK” but not supporting why a female link will be more beneficial than destructive. I think even a dead monkey knows putting a gender option on a 30 tear old established character in an action adventure is ridiculous.

      1. That 7 second reveal they showed during the twilight princess trailer. GAMEXPLAIN did a analysis on it, but never even noticed it was the female version of Link in the video. It’s subtle, and if your not looking you won’t see it. But go watch that trailer and look at Links face. It’s far more round than the male link in the first trailer. Also look at Links thighs. They are thick, and also her legs are very short. Also look at her height. She is obviously several inches shorter than the male Link from the first trailers. I wish someone would do a side by side of the Link from that trailer compared to the first one where Link jumps off his horse.

        1. Maybe (and that’s a MAYBE) you have something there. I was looking at the chest in particular and I may have seen something. But frankly, there’s not nearly enough in that teaser to base a conclusion on. They could’ve simply updated Link’s model since the last trailer. I’m not saying you’re wrong, but I can’t possibly say I agree either.

          1. Yea, I could be wrong. But I just think I’m right on this one. I think they will show off both female and male Links at E3. You can see how lower the Link in that trailer sits on her horse, plus the stubbiness of her legs. And like you mentioned, at the right angle it does appear that she has a chest. But even without the chest, a young female version of Link would not have large breasts anyways. Kind of like Rey from the new Star Wars movies. If someone were to do a side by side comparison from the first reveal trailer to this one the differences would be more noticeable. Again, I could be wrong… Nintendo could have drastically changed Links character model from the first reveal… However with the latest rumors of a female Link surfacing it kind of adds credibility to my claim.

  15. How many times do rumour-mongerers need to get it wrong for news outlets so stop spreading their wishful thinking? Remember when she said Mother 3 VC would be announced last ND? Yep, it didn’t.

    Voice acting for every other character including Link has been a thing since Ocarina of Time anyway.

  16. Voice acting? I’m game! If no one wants to hear voice acting, that’s what the voice setting in Audio settings is for. Just turn voices off. There we go. Everyone is happy. If other people hearing voice acting in the game is going to bug you, why? Same with English dubbing in anime. If you don’t like it, watch it in subs with the original Japanese voice acting. No one is stopping you.

    An option for male or female Link? I’m game for that, too, unless the gender you pick doesn’t effect how every single character in the game will treat & react to your character. In which case, why even bother with the feature?

  17. for an european like me I really hope we don’t have any US voice acting, Xenoblade chronicles X really pissed me off. I was just taking alex, doug and lin to get them killed countless time by a tyrant because they voice just make me crazy. Why did not we get to chose between US and Japanese audio!!!! why nintendo why. To be honest I don’t like voice acting (except in Xenoblade Chronicles original) from a cost point of view. Voice acting means the game will likely be more expensive and you either have Japanese or US english, so the rest of the world who would like to hear I don’t Italiano, Espangol, Français, Dutch… well they are f***ed.

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