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30-Year Old Secret Found In Punch-Out!!

One gaming gem that has been somewhat lost in recent years is the inclusion of easter eggs and secrets. Back in the day, they would add hours to gameplay, with kids pulling all-nighters with their friends trying to find an easter egg their friend’s friend heard about in Nintendo Power. Well,  after nearly 30-years, a brand new secret has been found in the classic NES title, Punch Out!!

You all may know about the KO punch you can land on both Piston Honda and Bald Bull during your second run-in with each. But what you may not have known is that there is a visual cue included by the developers to let you know exactly when to strike. If the player throws a punch just as a bearded man in the left side of the crowd ducks, they’ll deal the famous catastrophic blow. So basically, all of those late nights you spent counting the seconds from the match’s start to get your timing perfectly, could have been saved with a simple look in the background. You can check out midwesternhousewives’s video below to see the secret in action.

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10 thoughts on “30-Year Old Secret Found In Punch-Out!!”

    1. I can’t get past the first 3 bosses ;_;
      It’s not necessarely that NES games are hard, it’s just that they take a very long time and a lot of trial and error. The only NES game I’ve ever mastered to the point that it became my slave was Super Mario Bros., I can practically beat that one without dying. That said, it took me a lot of deaths to ever achieve such control of the game. I’m sure if I poured in dozens of hours into Punch Out I’d be able to beat it, but you know, Carpe Diem

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