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Check Out Some Of GandaKris’ Recent Custom Amiibo

GandaKris has been busy customising some fantastic pieces of art through her custom amiibo work, and just recently has created a Detective Pikachu, Final Fantasy Kingdom Hearts, Shadow Mewtwo, and an Okami amiibo.

In the past, she has created an extensive collection of unique custom amiibo including the Iwata amiibo for charity that we previously covered here.

Here’s some pictures of her recent pieces. If you’d like to order one of her commissions / custom amiibo, you can do so through her online store.

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12 thoughts on “Check Out Some Of GandaKris’ Recent Custom Amiibo”

    1. Bad representation of Super Mario aside, I’d buy that cuz Hopper looked fucking awesome in the movie with the hair & outfit!

      1. Ugh! I need to get that terrible movie on Bluray! I wonder if I can find it on the PS Store on my PS4. Super Mario Bros The Movie is one of my “so bad it was good” movies! lol

      1. I suppose that’s reasonable, okay. I guess if Nintendo’s okay with it hell, that could be a good way to raise cash for charity organizations. I’m all for that kind of stuff.

  1. I expect her to get a C&D for that Detective Pikachu. Since GameFreak is obsessed with Pikachu, I’m sure they’d want to make their own Detective Pikachu amiibo.

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