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Nintendo of America Has Been Added To The E3 2016 Exhibitor List

This was inevitable, but Nintendo of America has been added to the E3 2016 exhibitor list. It is the first update that the list has received since earlier this year, when the list was introduced. Other notable Nintendo-related companies that are on the list include Capcom and SEGA of Europe. The next step is finding out what Nintendo’s planning for the expo, and we may find that out very soon.

E3 2016 takes place from June 14th to 16th.


20 thoughts on “Nintendo of America Has Been Added To The E3 2016 Exhibitor List”

    1. I hope this year we get a federation force sequel announcement. And maybe a DLC announcement for TriForce Heroes so we can get some new dresses for Link to wear.

  1. ITS TIME BOYZ!!!!! AYYYEEEE >3 Nintendo well be at the E3!! Ugh, i was saving money for a PS4, But if the rumors about the NX Being more powerful then PS4 are true. my money well be with Nintendo.

  2. E3 is the time to bring out the biggest guns, and there’s seldom a bigger gun than a new console- show us the NX!

    …And there had better be a new F-Zero game developed for this thing, so help me gods…

    1. I love F-Zero but I seriously don’t know why people don’t understand why Nintendo hasn’t released another one. For the Wii there was no excuse but on the Wii U it would make no sense : the racing genre is niche plus Nintendo games are niche (i.e. Only us 10 million odd who own the Wii U).

      In all fairness at least for the handhelds, there should have been a version out years ago.

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