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Famitsu Reveals More Information On Kirby: Planet Robobot

This week’s edition of Japanese publication Famitsu has shed some light on some new Kirby: Planet Robobot details including the various robot modes, and information on King Dedede and Meta Knight.

Here’s some details on Kirby’s robot modes:

  • Stone Mode: This mode allows Kirby to punch with giant hands, allowing the player to defend from attacks and also punch the ground for a wide-range attack.
  • Esper/ESP Mode: Gives Kirby the ability to throw electric balls and attack with Psycho Thunders from the Robobot’s hands.
  • Mic-mode: Attacks with “ear-splitting” sounds from four big speakers.

The article also mentions an additional ability from Robobot, which involves inserting Robobot’s arm into a keyhole to rotate the platform you are on.

Finally, Famitsu mentions the roles that King Dedede and Meta Knight play. King Dedede appears to be a clone from the original, created using his cells, whereas Meta Knight seems to be controlled by the enemy using a device connected to his mask. Kirby will fight both of these characters in the game.

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