Yooka-Laylee: Another Former Rare Member Joins Team

Information on Yooka-Laylee has been scarce in recent times but we have learnt that another former Rare developer has joined the team on a temporary basis. That particular Rare staffer is Phil Tossell who previously did coding work on both Star Fox Adventures for the GameCube and Kameo: Elements of Power on the Xbox 360. Let’s hope we hear a bit more about the promising game in the near future.

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  1. It would be funny if every RARE employee slowly moved over to Playtonic (is that the name of this company?) and started making games for Nintendo consoles again. It would be like Nintendo got RARE back without having to buy them back. Only downfall would be not being able to see the franchises that people love. They’d have to make replacement characters for every game (much like with Yooka-Laylee.

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