Star Fox Zero Is Currently The Best-Selling Game On Amazon

The long-awaited Star Fox Zero has today topped the best-seller list in video games. Fox McCloud’s latest adventure is exclusive to Wii U and will be released this Friday alongside the companion title Star Fox Guard. Amazon best-seller lists are updated hourly so there’s a chance it could slip, but it’s currently beating the likes of Uncharted 4 and Dark Souls 3. Look out for our review of the game, tomorrow.

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      1. I’d love to see a Luigi’s Mansion animated short if that NX rumor is true. I hope they make Luigi more of a bad ass in Part 3. I’d like to see him with that Luigi death stare, I mean at this point he shouldn’t be scared of ghosts anymore lol

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      1. I will admit that even I who once dismissed it, will play it now.
        It’s also the fact that I’m graduating and I’m getting money to spend on this stuff but hey, details, details :p


      1. Yep, U.S. Probably like 15 or 20 years ago they ran these commercials and I guess they made your phone calls cheaper or something. I was a teenager, before cell phones were a big thing, so I never used it. Probably a waste of time.

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  1. Not a huge surprise, maybe a little.
    You have millions of WiiU owners, any of them that dont have another game box, or want to dust off their wiiu, this would be a reason, and the sales seem to show it. I wonder what the actual sales count is.

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      1. Starfox being higher in the list than the other two doesn’t necessarily mean it’s higher in relation to the total sales count. It means it’s been selling better in the last hours, or days maybe. If the chart system of is identical to the system of Amazon Germany, the charts get updated on an hourly basis, which, in this case and this moment in time, would mean that Starfox has sold better than Dark Souls and Unchrted in the last hour. Of course it is a possibility that Starfox might have sold better in total too, but the Amazon charts are no indication for that, I believe.


      2. The system has to track down sales during weekly periods at least, otherwise it would be pretty useless for anyone but Amazon, in my opinion. Assuming this, the fact that Star Fox can claim the first place, even if it’s just for some hours before slipping (no pun intended) to a lower position would mean that it sold similarly to the games mentioned during that time frame. I don’t know if that’s how the system actually works, but that’s how I understood it.


      3. It’s impressive indeed. That means that if Star Fox Zero goes off to sell a million copies (which it looks like it certainly will) Nintendo should have no excuses not to make a sequel or another Star Fox title for the NX

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      4. Yeah you’re right I just checked it, all the Star Fox titles have sold over a million copies except for Star Fox 64 3D which asks the question of how Star Fox missed the Wii generation? Having a Star Fox title on that platform especially with motion controls being the main focus would’ve made complete sense in so many ways…..I’m still scratching my head on that decision….smh


      5. That’s Zero. If I recall correctly, the first time Miyamoto commented on the game (when we didn’t even knew the title) he mentioned that it began as a Wii project. It might have been a late prototype thay they decided to move to the Wii U due to the Wii’s lackluster software sales after 2010.

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      1. Honestly, I still don’t know how rare it’ll be down the road physically.

        It would appear that for the US it includes it physically.
        Digital you get a discount of $5 on it. Zero $50+$10 for Guard, total $60 like retail.

        EU, first print premier edition has it though I first read physical but recent UK trailer showed digital code. There’s also the retail version of Zero without Guard but it brings a demo of it.
        Pricing scheme is similar for EU.


      2. The first print edition (a regular LE) includes Guard in a disc, with its own box. You get three boxes in that edition: SFZ’s, SFG’s and a metallic case that can hold both discs. I don’t know why that retailer included a digital code, but that’s not what the edition includes.


  2. I honestly think that if they simply called this “Star Fox 64: Remake” this game would have been more beloved than it is and avoided the whole “it feels too much like Star Fox 64”. It would genuinely be one of the best remakes ever made

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