ZHugeEX Reveals 10K’s NX Rumour Wasn’t Really Legitimate

You’ve probably seen the rumours swirling around that originated from verified NeoGAF member 10K stating that the NX will be noticeably more powerful than the PlayStation 4 and that he’s also heard Luigi’s Mansion 3 is coming to the platform. He used a tiered system for his sources, but investigative sleuth ZHugeEX caught him out when he realised he had just rephrased something he had previously posted on Twitter and claimed ZHugeEX as the source despite ZHugeEX saying that its just a rumour and couldn’t be verified at all. You can read his enlightening findings on his very own blog and make your own mind up about things. However, this goes to show that Emily Rogers was once again correct. As always though we won’t know anything concrete about the NX until probably E3 in June.



  1. These NX rumours were fun for a while. Now they are just pissing me off. I’m gonna treat everything as bullshit from now on, otherwise I guarantee we are all gonna be disappointed with Nintendo’s latest offering.

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    1. xD Nice save with the “technical difficulties with our reveal” jab at Nintendo. As for the rest of the comments part of this conversation… *laughed so hard that was tearing up*

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  2. I have it on authority from several well documented sources that the NX will have a chromium dehydrated rainbow processor 15 times more powerful than the sun and can convert images into 7D HD 1600ppi. It’ll have aluminum siding anti gravity butt whistles and dual shockwave negative reinforced 52 inch rims.

    And a coffee dispenser.


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