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Source Gaming: Sakurai Remembers The Last Email He Got From Iwata

Masahiro Sakurai took some time in his weekly Famitsu column to recall the last email he received from Satoru Iwata before his passing on July 11th, 2015. The column was translated by Source Gaming.

Sakurai says that he and Iwata were exchanging emails up until late-June. He shares a small excerpt of the final email he got, where Iwata complimented Sakurai for his ability to “make the final image of what you want in your head ‘move'”. Not only is it a “very special thing”, but Iwata had even said that, in that respect, Sakurai is a “rarity among the entire games community”. Sakurai mentioned that compliments or flattery is something Iwata “rarely offered”. However, Sakurai remembers that Iwata “excelled at conveying the true essence of something to other people in a simple, comprehensible way”.

There was another point where Sakurai mentioned Iwata in this week’s column, in which the main topic was about advice he wished to give to game creators. He would later talk about Iwata’s beliefs about the problems a game programmer had to face, Sakurai recalls that one of the things Iwata used to say was “programmers don’t say ‘I can’t do that.’”

Sakurai had a lot of advice to give, so if you wish, you can check out Source Gaming’s entire translation of the column here.


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            1. Nobody disrespected his death we all know he died and people mourned ok now on to the future thats like me constantly mourning bruce lee since he is my fitness goal or a family member it is ok to mourn at the time but you have to think about the future unless if you want to be stuck in the past ya dumb shit

                  1. Lmao this dude’s trying to say I’m retarded when I’m not the one completely disrespecting Iwata on an unrelated article. The developer Sakurai gets an email of Iwata before he died complimenting him which compliments are rare in general and saying how much he appreciates him which is very sad but then YOU have to come out of nowhere with “LOL LOL SHITENDO SUCKS LOL LOL HA UR ALL RETARDED” Leave.

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