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Rumour: 10K Claims NX NDA Lifts Next Week And We Will Know Final Name

Former NeoGAF poster 10K is at it again and this time he claims that the NDA for the Nintendo NX lifts next week. This will allow developers to talk about the games that they’re developing for the platform. 10K says that April 27th is the date which coincedentally falls on the investors briefing, so it could just all be a wild guess. However, he says we will know the final name of the system on Wednesday. I guess we shall just have to wait and see…

I believe the part of the NX NDA being lifted next week allows devs to say they are working on NX titles. The floodgates open April 27th

@KingBroly speculation based off what someone told me. I didn’t do a verification check yet though. So don’t read much into it.

Expect more NX news next week and a final name reveal.

@nbnt no. Just that i heard the NX final name will be dropped next week. Likely at the investor briefing like the Wii name was.


Thanks, George and Mike

60 thoughts on “Rumour: 10K Claims NX NDA Lifts Next Week And We Will Know Final Name”

  1. 10K has already been caught for the crap that comes out of his mouth. Most of his rumours weren’t even from decent sources and some of his wording was copied off other people. Even used stuff ZhugeEX has said in the past and Emily Rogers know’s he’s crap too. While I do feel we might see a slight NX mention in the Investors Meeting since it’s the last one before E3, I still think he’s just getting a load of crap and putting it together.

    1. One other possibility is the usual Mega64-produced “E3 Plans” video Nintendo does one month in advance of their usual E3 Tuesday presentation. That is, if they’re feeling generous.

      1. Addition to my above statement: Since E3 Tuesday is June 14th, this video would be posted on their YouTube channel on Saturday, May 14th (less than 3 weeks).

        If the final name is not revealed in that video, then I’d bank on it being part of a separate NX presentation on the Sunday leading into E3. In either case, this would precede any other conferences and allow companies like Ubisoft and EA to be able to refer to the console by name during their presentations. In other words, bank on knowing the name before Tuesday morning.

      1. NO!
        I say… keep the Wii brand alive!

        That branding has done nothing but good and has made Nintendo extra relevant! The Wii brand will actually have people taking them seriously and won’t just appeal to casual people! It will attract every single person and 3rd party developer, just like the Wii and WiiU did! If you deny that the WiiU sold well, attracted everyone and was taken seriously because of its branding… then you are a dumb poopy head!



  2. Yes, because he wasn’t caught before lying. Why did you even entertain this “rumor” with a news post? All you’re doing is giving him what he so wants – attention. If I made a rumor and claimed I have “inside sources” would I get a news article posted about said “rumor”? Not every little rumor needs to be posted. I get a lot of people want this one to be real (I’d love that as well obviously), but there’s next to no chance of it being real.

    Its really nothing more than clickbait at this point to post a “rumor” from 10k. He’s a nobody, he’s never be proven to be truthful unlike Emily Rogers (who also isn’t 100% accurate). He’s had his 15 minutes of fame and now we should just ignore him and if he would by some miracle be right then awesome and then we can say he’s credible but right now, he’s not.

  3. I’m not buying that rumor. I’d rather just wait until Nintendo reveals their new system with a finalized name at E3.

  4. Yeah, because Nintendo would *totally* let people spill the beans on their next big reveal over a month before its reveal date.

  5. This is like when all the devs kept requesting you put their characters in smash and articles kept coming up on here. Guys! The NX will be shaped like a Unicorn! (See how easy it is?) There are so many rumors out there that I really don’t know what to believe, or care that much for that matter. Nintendo will reveal it when they are ready, so why are we spreading every rumor that a 10 year old could be writing for all we know?

  6. i honestly think we will get the name for the first time not in the investors meeting but in the e3 press conference since it makes no sense to reveal such a huge thing before e3 specially since we don’t have to wait much longer for it. i think every main nintendo console has had its official reveal at e3 right? i might be wrong on that though

    1. To be honest, E3 is slowly dying with developers and publishers such as EA, Activision and so on pulling out of the E3 Show Floor, so announcing the name this early might not be such a bad idea, as it could help the marketing depart gauge the reaction of consumers and see how they can market the system towards them.

  7. If they do decide to change the name and if the system is capable of 4K upscaling they should go with something simple like the ” Nintendo 4K ” abbreviated as the ” N4K “or if it’s a home/handheld system they could call it the ” Nintendo Gemini ” ………I don’t know just a thought

  8. NDAs don’t usually just end like this states. They are ongoing and you are only allowed to talk about anything in the NDA when the company you signed it with allows you too and I doubt we will here any kind of specs for the NX even if we get the real name.

      1. Actually, NDAs can be loosen a bit to allow for marketing and it could be what 10k thought his source meant that the NDA would be lifted.

        Also, you’re forgetting that it’s the investors meeting, which means getting investors in on the latest hardware from Nintendo, which could result in Nintendo revealing a name for the system as well as showing off specs for the system.
        I doubt they’ll show any titles at the meeting but I do feel that they will be giving a set date on when the full reveal of the system will be (most likely e3 2016).

        1. Yes, they can be “loosened” but that would only be at Nintendo’s discretion, not that it was powerless because of an expiration date.

          Regardless, it doesn’t make sense to let leak any information before they would want to announce anything officially

            1. my knickers are fine, letting investors know of information, while they are likely under an NDA, and allowing what is said to be made public is something else.

  9. |||Nintendo Dark Commander Quadraxis-NX Prime|||

    -||So basically it claims nothing considering it has been proven a fraud several times before||-

  10. If 27th April arrives and we get details of the NX, including the official name of the system, then we can all safely say that Emily Rogers was talking crap.

    But, if the 27th comes and goes with no new information, then 10K was talking crap the whole time.

    Who knows?
    It’s only two days away so we won’t have long to see

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  12. 27 April we will get some news for sure, is the Invenstor meeting day and Nintendo will share something for sure, but what they will share is unknown, maybe is just their plans for E3 or something even more irrelevant. Who knows : )

      1. I just double checked, and I’m not so sure anymore. Do you know if they release the file during Earning Release days (sounds like the logical thing) or after the Results Briefing has been held? Because if it’s on the later date (and considering the results briefing hasn’t even been announced yet), we’re not getting the info until the 28th at the earliest.

        Here’s the link:

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  15. The name is futuristic and simple . It makes the consumer curious to find out what the hell is an NX. Wasnt the codename for the Gamecube called “Dolphin? ”

    Wii was called “Revolution? ”

    Other than Project Cafe. Nintendo can come up with some interesting code names.

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