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GameStop: Pre-order Kirby Planet Robobot Get 6 Trading Cards

If you live in North America and are wondering where to pre-order Kirby: Planet Robobot from then this should make things a little easier for you. GameStop has revealed that if you pre-order the recently leaked title with them then you’re eligible to get a pack of six exclusive trading cards. The cards aren’t amiibo related so don’t worry, they’re just standard cards, but no doubt they will be pretty cool to have as a collection. The deal should hopefully go live soon.


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4 thoughts on “GameStop: Pre-order Kirby Planet Robobot Get 6 Trading Cards”

  1. 6 cards from preordering with Gamestop or free S&H for preordering off of Amazon Prime + 20% off the full price? If I was into Kirby, I’d go for the best deal which is Amazon Prime.

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