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Nintendo’s Stocks Have Fallen 8% So Far Today

Today has not been a good day for Nintendo fans, and it seems it hasn’t been a good day for Nintendo’s stocks either. Nintendo’s stocks have fallen 8% today, likely in response to today’s headlines. The stocks have yet to close in Japan as of this article’s writing, so it’s not final.

With the financial results briefing occurring as of this article’s writing, we may know more shortly.


75 thoughts on “Nintendo’s Stocks Have Fallen 8% So Far Today”

    1. totally agree
      same thing happened when they announced Miitomo

      The shareholders didnt like it but after the release it rose over 12%

      Share values, specially after game announcements, are not THAT influential

    2. No, stocks usually drop after these types of meetings. Investors are not concern about NX if forcast not mentioned or any games for Wii U and 3DS released. They are concern about the profits. 5 million 3DS and 800,000 Wii U projected forcast means less profit which mean investors will jump ship.

    1. yes they will because 8% in stock decrease is the killing blow for the company and surely they will never recover once they release zalda u/nx and the nx thus increasing their stock by min 15% therefore negating the 8% decrease. they will crash and burn and become a 3rd party for sony microsoft and pc…….as i type this i cannot keep a straight face because im laughing so hard it can be heard by Lord Beerus therefore annoying him. anyways im sure their stock will increase once the games and the console comes out.

        1. Kimishima: “TANABEEEEE!!”

          *Sakamoto steps in, sobbing* “I’m so sorry, Mr. Kimishima…”

          Kimishima: “Oh, what now?”

          Sakamoto: “The fans said they wanted a Metroid game with a ‘chilling’ atmosphere, and I gave them a CHIBI atmosphere! A CHIIII-HEE-HEE-HEE-BIIIII. I’ve SOILED the good name of Nintendo!”

          “SOILED IT!”

          “SOILED IT!”

          “SOILED IT!”

          “SOILED IT!”

          “SOILED IT!”

          “SOILED IT!”

              1. For 2D Metroid, sure. He even said it himself once that he has nothing to do with the Prime trilogy. If he did, I doubt Other M would have contradicted some things that occurred in those games.

                1. I remember those.

                  “It was the first time I worked with the Federation after becoming a bounty hunter.”


                  Actual words I said after the first time hearing that.

      1. I got it! This is better. *coughs* MY EYES!!! THEY FUCKING BURN!!! OH MY GOD!!! *throws up all over the place like a girl possessed by the Devil*

  1. They kind of deserve it. Hopefully, the disappointing news today and the anemic WiiU release schedule for 2016 will ultimately translate into a great launch window for NX, assuming that they are biding their time and developing games. If so the stocks will come back up. If not then Nintendo shouldn’t expect to do well in stocks, since in that case they won’t have anything to offer.

      1. What RidleySlayer said. This isn’t like crappy Yahoo where if you thumbs up a comment, it’s forever stuck that way.

        1. I think Yahoo changed it slightly. Now you can switch between like and dislike. But they website It’s always slow, so I’m not sure if it is actually registering them or not. Yahoo sucks. And they always spoil movies. They put the fucking spoiler right in the headline or the picture for the headline. Fucking assholes. No warning of spoiler. You just scroll through the different headlines and bam! You come across a spoiler. No fucking journalistic etiquette.

          1. Not to mention the comment sections are full of so much far right bullshit that it’s fucking sickening. I feel like I’m on Fox News or some shit!

            1. I feel like it’s far right in the comments and far left in the articles. Either way, not the best place to go for unbiased news/ opinions. I honestly don’t know why I bother to go there aside from boredom and the occasional interesting articles. It’s a joke of a website.

              1. I’ve found that you’ll often see more right comments on left articles and vice versa.

                I use msn for my daily news, but their articles always lean toward the left. I don’t often mind watching Fox because I tend to be more conservative; but just like anywhere else, they let their personal views get in the way of reason and logic.

                I really need to find a source that presents straight news.

              2. If I didn’t have a yahoo email account, I’d say fuck that site. It use to be such a nice site back in the day. Sad thing is we can say that about nearly 90% of every single site on the internet. Oh & I mainly use Yahoo to find articles from other sites like Cageside Seats.

      1. Wait. Are you calling him a fanboy because he said “kind of deserves it” (1. A person who is completely loyal to a game or company regardless of if they suck or not.) or because he says Nintendo deserves it? (2. A pathetic insult often used by fanboys themselves to try and put down people who don’t like whatever it is they like.) Just wondering.

            1. To be fair, the definition of fanboy has changed a bit. It used to just mean a person who was a fan of something. Since then it’s become a negative term referring only to the diehard fans who refuse to see reason or admit faults.

              1. Perhaps. I myself never heard of it until recent years, so I may have come to know if it after that other definition. I think the old definition is kind of stupid anyway. If you’re just a fan of something why would they add boy to it. That would make the word fan and the word fanboy basically the same exact thing. Making the word fanboy completely useless since the word fan came first, and is shorter, thus easier to write.

                1. Not sure. I guess adding boy to the end kind of puts a nerdy spin to it, thus making it more relatable to topics where you would hear the word. (i.e. video games, card games, etc.)

                  Nintendo uses something akin to the older definition in Splatoon. The first ranking in a splatfest is fanboy/fangirl.

      1. Yeah, I don’t even know what to say about that crap, miitomo shouldn’t have been based on friends who have the app for whatever reason, none of my friends buy new Nintendo system’s anymore due to they’re ignoring of the older generations of fans. I have a friend who just stopped at GameCube, I think a lot of my people went that direction though.

        1. Investors already know that Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing will be released by Autumn 2016. Stocks will go up and down each day. This is the only time gaming site report on this. They can report about stocks each day but that will not get clicks. If it is a bad news day for fans of a console then it is reported.

  2. If not for the mention of those fucking mobile shit, I bet these stocks would be a hell of a lot worse!

  3. LOL. I sold my stock just before the news came out! Made a slight profit. I’ll buy it again after it drops a bit more. With the rest of the year looking scarce, there should be plenty of buying oportunities before the NX is revealed. Most likely stock will rise again when it is.

    This kind of drop was to be expected after that news though. It’s nothing major. The price will inevitably go back up.

  4. Did anyone every think of it from Nintendo’s point of few as why they won’t show the NX at E3? Like I been saying and Nintendo knows to, unveil it as close to production as possible. Why? Because Sony. Nintendo knows how Sony rolls. Sony always wants to unveil things last to correct off other competitors so they can know what to do better and to avoid from doing.

    But if Nintendo has the last making whatever the PS4.5 will be like, it wil be hard for Sony to make corrections because they dont know what the NX be like.

    If Sony doesn’t know what the NX is going to be like then they wont know what changes they need to make to the PS4.5

    By having the PS4.k out first on sell Nintendo can make necessary changes to the NX while it is in R&D.

    Nintendo actually learned from the Wii U.

    Sony is probably going to release the PS4.5 in November. This gives Nintendo to see how that facelift console sells and what changes they need to do to the NX.

    I think it is a smart move now to show the NX at E3 from a business strategy.

          1. If Sony released the console summer 2017, it just shows the real coward they really are. That also shows how they made changes in R&D after the NX was unveiled.

      1. Remember that Family Guy episode with making fun of Star Trek when the Enterprise had a blackout & Kirk made everyone in the cockpit make the sounds for the machines they were using in the cockpit? This is that moment where you are telling the guy that says they are ready to shoot to not shoot just yet because you are enjoying watching Kirk & his main crew be complete idiots.

          1. Yeah but it took Microsoft months to make an Xbox DRM free. Where as Sony PS4 wasnt on sale yet and it was still in R&D. So obviously that took a while to do. As well as a Xbox without Kinect. Its easier to change if it wasnt on sell yet.

  5. I dont remeber that episode but i remeber the moment Nintendo announced Project Cafe would have a controller with a screen on it, immediately Sony made the Vita work as a controller for PS3 and PS4 and Sony wanted all 3rd party to make all games work with if Vita too. Why? Because Nintendo revealed thag part early enough for Sony to work PS4 in R&D.

  6. It was to be expected as it’s going to be a weak year and holiday season for them.
    “Please don’t buy a console this holiday season, wait 3 months…”

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  10. I'm just an Animal Crossing

    The writing is on the wall. If NX doesn’t do well. It will be Nintendo’s last console.

      1. I'm just an Animal Crossing

        Well in my opinion it seems the past few years Nintendo hasn’t really connected with the consumer. At least that’s how it appears in the U.S. Where I’m from.
        I see the Wii as a success but also a failure. In that it sold the most units but full of shovelware which I believe started to alienate the consumer.
        The Wii U is selling poorly. The games have gotten better but some I feel still lack a lot of features. And that goes for the console itself. Mainly online. They have a long way to go and I don’t know if they can catch up. They don’t seem to concerned with online gaming features.

        I just feel like if this next console doesn’t peak interest and it fails like the Wii U is failing then they might just be too far damaged to try a third time.
        Just my opinion.

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  12. I’m not gonna lie, Nintendo, you don’t deserve a stock increase until you get your head out of your ass. There’s been nothing but disappointment coming from you.

    1. There’s more to it than you ever thought. Kimishima made a critical mistake… for a reason. He had sabotaged Nintendo’s Holiday this year, but there’s a way to remedy that. Just wait…

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