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Video: Closer Look At The Smash Bros. Diorama

It was announced a few weeks ago that Japan would be getting amiibo diorama kits for both the Kirby and Super Smash Bros. series amiibo. A fair amount of images were released showing off the kits and their packaging, but now thanks to Nintendo Inquirer, we have an entire video in which the Super Smash Bros. themed paper environment is constructed and exhibited. If you’ve been wanting to get a closer look at the Smash Bros. diorama, you can watch the video below, and if you were interested in purchasing the kits from overseas, Play Asia has your back.


9 thoughts on “Video: Closer Look At The Smash Bros. Diorama”

        1. Yeah but the things that interest me which are GAMES on their handheld and home console that i want to play the SAME FOR THE XBONE AND PS4 fuck everything else made by them I DONT CARE FOR IT now hopefully you can fuckin read

        2. |||Nintendo Dark Commander Quadraxis-NX Prime|||

          -||He hates Nintenco and yet he buys everything that he hates them for||-

    1. Well one good thing came out of this. Smash Bros is getting even more stuff thus confirming Smash Bros is much more noticeable this time around.

  1. ANOTHER unboxing video for amiibo related stuff!? Or as I like to call them “look what I got & you probably never will have! Hah hah!” <.<

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