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Splatoon: Callie And Marie Amiibo Coming

Nintendo has confirmed today that Callie and Marie from Splatoon will be getting their own amiibo figures. The Squid Sisters will be a welcome addition to the ever-growing amiibo line-up. That’s not all as you’ll be able to buy revised editions of the current Splatoon amiibo figures which also look rather neat.


Thanks, Nick J


  1. But this brings up something that has always annoyed me. When Nintendo re-releases an amiibo (or, makes a different version ), why do they just release the same exact one with a new paintjob? Why can’t they put the figures in different poses?

    Speaking of same amiibo with new paintjobs, WHY HAVEN’T I SEEN THE MEGA MAN LEGACY COLLECTION COLLECTOR’S EDITION (the one that comes with the gold Mega Man amiibo) IN STORES? I’ve been looking every time I go to a store, and I’ve never seen the bundle. Was that only an online thing or something?

    1. The Mega Man Collectors edition sold out in stores instantly. Faster than Mega Yarn Yoshi. Essentially if you didnt preorder you didnt get it. You can still find them online for a semi-reasonable price.

    1. I get the impression they just play the different squid sister songs and you get to watch their little dance routines that go along with each song, kind of disappointing. I was hoping to get agent 1 and 2 missions, I wanted to be able to actually play as them, oh well.

        1. Hey I’m a Splatoon fan too and I will totally be getting all these new amiibo, I was just expecting the Callie and Marie amiibo to unlock Agent 1 and 2, it would have been awesome to see some backstory on those two but oh well, maybe on an NX sequel…

  2. *sigh.

    *Gets out wallet whip*

    *Whips wallet*

    Alright: I’ve got my $40 (Because Canadian currency is horrible. Plus tax. And shipping.)

    Now I can wait for the pre-orde… wait…

    … they’ve repainted the old amiibo?

    … *sigh.

    *Gets out wallet whip*…

  3. My only complaint about Splatoon Amiibo is that I think they should have given EVERYBODY the mini-games to play while waiting for a match. The ‘Squid Jump’ game lost it’s luster about 30 seconds in.

    Also, long-time lurker, first-time poster. Is anyone interested in becoming Miitomo friends? Mostly to trade likes and comments for 20 extra daily Platinum points, but also because NINTENDO FRIENDS!!! My Twitter handle is @thirdworldtaxi. (I’m new to Twitter, so does that mean you would need to send me a friend request, I accept it, and then I’ll just update my Twitter friendlist data in Miitomo and add you?)

    1. hellz yeah i wanna be miitomo friends! like you said not just because of miitomo but because i have friends in real life that are into nintendo haha hooray for the internet? ill add you, my twitter handle is @miguelmotel

  4. Well it’s a good thing they don’t offer worthy content, so I can easily skip them. Overly excited to only be overly disappointed in the end.

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