Animal Crossing And Fire Emblem Mobile Will Be Free To Play

Nintendo Japan confirmed today via The Wall Street Journal that the company’s next two mobile titles which are based on the Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem franchises will both be free-to-play. Both mobile titles are expected to release later this year.


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  1. Nintendo usually go with the technically-more-accurate “free to start”, but that’s that’s neither here nor there.

    I was interested in the Fire Emblem one but now I may be more tentative about it. Depends on how obtrusive it is..

    1. As long as they’re both “free-to-start”or ftp, there’s no issue in just trying the game until one meets the paywall. Obviously, that’s their idea too, as most people don’t pay DIRECTLY for mobile games, but do so ones they’re ‘on the hook’.

      1. They’re most likely to be designed around the quick play format. Very much so like Miitomo.

  2. They’re going to ruin animal crossing. Now they’ll make you pay for everything. This is what I feared they’d do to animal crossing. Sigh… V

    1. Care to explain that theory? I don’t see how having ONE free to start game on mobile ruins the entire franchise. If you don’t like the idea of an animal crossing mobile game, don’t play it. It’s not like they are going to stop making Animal Crossing games on home consoles.

  3. I love how everyone is suddenly all doom and gloom. Free to play can be ok. I love Pokemon Shuffle. Of course, the flip side, I hate Pokemon Picross. One does ftp in an alright fashion while the other smacks you in he face with the paywall.

    1. Pokemon Picross isn’t actually that bad. Once you get enough Pokemon to replace the recharging ones, you can complete quite a few levels per day. I’m still waiting for Nintendo to make a free-to-play game that’s on par with Hearthstone. Is the Pokemon TCG online any good these days? I can’t get onto my profile anymore for some reason.

      1. I just got sick of having to waste a whole week doing the training puzzles to get enough picrites to unlock the next world. Started bumming me out. Some ftp games try to gently encourage you to spend real money, but that one straight up puzzle blocks you or forces you to wait 5-12 days before you can get back to a handful of actual puzzles.

    2. Nintendo IMO is making all the wrong moves. They need to be addressing and favoring the gaming community. That’s why the PS4 has done so well. Sony is gamer friendly and panders to the gaming community. Nintendo is lost, they have no idea who thier fanbase is, or who they need to market their products too. Making free to play games will help them financially, no doubt. It was a financially sound decision to put two of their biggest IP’s as free to play games. But at the same time the gap between the mainstream gamer and Nintendo grows even larger. And the sour taste that’s in their mouth gets a little more sour.

      1. I agree. I love the Big N, but at times it seems like their decision making process boils down to placing post-it notes on the wall with ideas on them, then getting drunk and tossing darts at them to see what they roll with.

  4. Fire Emblem
    The way I see it, you’ll probably pay for exclusive characters (like Marth and Chrom) and map packs. I doubt Nintendo will paywall this game in any way.
    Animal Crossing
    You’ll probably be able to buy special furniture sets and maybe bells. Or possibly there will be a special currency aside from bells, similar to Miitomo tickets.

    Either way, I expect to see more platinum coin opportunities in both games.

  5. I hope this means there will be a new proper animal crossing game for the nx that will interact with the app. It would be neat if i could play some mini games or whatever on the mobile app on my lunch break to earn some bells that will transfer over to the nx game for later use.

      1. The problem is, the game’s that will interact with the app are already out. Sadly, unless its some super secret, there is no proper Animal Crossing title in the works. I wish very much that Wii U had AC.

        I have no intention of playing animal crossing on my cell phone.

        1. So it will interact with New Leaf? I’d be cool with that too. I’m guessing the mobile game we will just be some of those mini games from tortimer’s island.

          1. From what I’ve read on it, it would seem it’s going to work with the Wii U Animal Crossing game I think it’s called Amiibo Festival. I’m not sure about new leaf, we should probably wait till some new information drops, but I wonder just how close they’re going to keep the gameplay formula to the original series. A new Animal Crossing is definitely wanted.

          2. I think New Leaf is from too long ago to get this kind of support. Doing that would be like giving Mario Kart 7 DLC, 5 years later when that game has more or less run its course. No pun intended.

        2. The real problems are if these games do well on Mobile…… which they will. Why would Nintendo go through the high development costs to make another console title if the Mobile versions get 100 million downloads?.. They won’t, I assure you..

          1. No I agree. I could easily see that happening down the road. I personally don’t use my phone for gaming because it’s no where near as an enjoyable experience. It would be foolish to not make a updated, packed with content AC for Wii U or NX. A proper AC title*.

          2. That’s 100 million free downloads, with let’s say a quarter of that being new people being introduced to the series. I think that would ensure a new AC on NX, especially if the mobile game is connected to a new ACNX game in the future. That’s just my theory anyways.

      2. At this point you can’t be believe anything that Nintendo says. If you do, your just setting yourself up for disappointment.

  6. I expected that the games would be free-to-play. That’s not bad, per se; I can see how both games would be able to handle that system.

  7. The problem is, I believe this will be the end of Fire Emblem as we know it. If Fire Emblem releases on Mobile, I can already tell you it’s going to do very well. It’s going to do so well in fact Nintendo won’t have any reason to bring it back to consoles. It would make no sense financially to do so. I mean if a Mobile version of Fire Emblem gets 100 million downloads and 30% of them spend money, that far outweighs anything a console Fire Emblem has ever done. Why would Nintendo spend the time and development costs to make a console version that costs more to make, and sells at a fraction of the Mobile version? The answer is, they wouldnt. So from here on out, consider Fire Emblem a mobile game.

    1. I just really don’t think that is going to happen. I really think these mobile games are just meant to be a little preview of what to expect in the full console game. I think they will be designed to entice you to buy the full game as they will be integrated together. It would be funny if the FE mobile game is strictly the petting game only lololololol

  8. For the record, I reported the format to them with the name Nintendo uses, Free-To-Start.

    Along with being a more accurate term for that kind of game, I’d like the company’s terminology to be used in stories relating to them.

  9. I will also remind everyone that Miitomo is a “free-to-start,” despite actually being more “free-to-play” than mobile games with that name.

    The main difference between what Nintendo does and others do on the app store should (and likely will) be this:

    – Nintendo offers a “demo” form (much like Bravely Second & Pocket Card Jockey on 3DS). Eventually the player will reach a point where purchasing is necessary to enjoy the game further, but the player can have the option of paying for the game and not worrying about cost later.

    – A good chunk of “Free-To-Play” phone games take this necessary pay point and make you pay small amounts regularly on a daily basis in order to enjoy the game fully. It’s the new arcade quarter-eating method, but it’s used on shortcuts to aggrivating gameplay decisions.

  10. Please not Fire Emblem on Mobile devices they are doing a shrek tactic which I don’t want to see happen do a mario or racer but not fire emblem mobile game while are popular with the Zombies (people who live on their mobile devices) will eat this shit up us true gamers are left with nothing that fun With the exception of fates and awakening

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