SemiAccurate: Nintendo NX Handheld To Use Nvidia Tegra-Based SoC

News publication Semi Accurate is reporting that then Nintendo NX handheld will be using the Nvidia Tegra-based SoC. The article is currently only available to subscribers but NeoGAF member Fourth Storm has rather handily summed up what was written.

  • Though Nvidia downplayed console margins, their pride was hurt by the loss in console contracts. All the talk about “focusing on Shield” was a cover for the fact that MS and Sony had soured on them and would not enter negotiations.
  • Nvidia team was told to get a console win or “go home.” Enter Nintendo, who apparently made off very well in this deal. This to the point that SemiAccurate questions whether this is a “win” at all for Nvidia.
  • SA has heard that Nvidia are promising software, support, and the whole shebang at a very low cost. According to one source, Nvidia may even be taking a loss on this deal. (Take the second sentence here with an extra portion of salt)
  • Not mentioned which generation of Tegra or which process node will be used or when the handheld is scheduled for release.
  • No mention of the home console, but we can speculate what that might be and who might provide the chipset for that one.

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    1. Do you still have the wrong cable? If you don’t plan on using it, I’d happily buy it off you. I’d been wanting to get a new one since mine is barely working.


      1. I’m “Mr. Boss Ass Bitch” originally “I’m a Boss Ass Bitch.” Idk the reason why I haven’t been commenting is because the comment section is wack as fuck now. Commander heffer bitch is going through some melt down for whatever the fuck reason. So you missed alot mcCree. This is my true form. Still real as fuck. Just keeping it on the down low.

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      2. Ha! I knew it! Was it because you got banned? As for Commander, who knows what’s going on with him.


      3. Also, I’m too busy with things in real life to comment here.Well it’s just that I kinda lost interest here, but E3 is near.


      1. Several times Nintendo has said Wii U and 3DS. Like they’ll say “this is not a simple replacement for the Wii U and 3DS” which is what they said about the DS and Gameboy, so we all know it is.

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  1. Based on combining all old and new rumors and patents and unconfirmed insider information, this is what I am imagining NX to be. (It will be interesting to see how close, or completely off the mark I turn out to be).

    I think the NX (named something entirely different) will launch as a Handheld (resembling a cross betwern a PS Vita a 3DS and a WiiU Gamepad) with a single large, irregularly shaped touch screen as it’s primary display. To maximize screen real estate while keeping hardware size down for comfort and portability, the screen will extend into the edges of the sticks and buttons, but not past and beyond them, creating an odd shape with indents in either end.

    The hardware will be built around architecture that more closely resembles a 3DS crossed with the most powerful Tablets/Smartphones on the market than a PS4 or XBO, and will be able to perform at levels comparable to both (exceeding the power of WiiU), but as usual, falling behind in a few technical areas compared to the competition.

    This hardware will be designed around Linkability as its primary gimmick. How that will work is that, any time it is working with other NX hardware, they will share processing power and become marginally more powerful together. When playing local multiplayer with another NX handheld, the game will actually run better, as an example.

    This handheld unit will actually be the core HEART of the NX gameplay experience … even when playing on the TV. Utilizing reverse-gamepad streaming tech, the NX handheld will come with a Roku stick style HDMI dongle which clips seamlessly into the back that streams video to your TV, making it operate like a console. In this configuration, it will sream only a max of 900p video, but most Nintendo games will only run 720. There Will also be a charging cradle you can set the NX on and play using some sort of NX Pro controller at home (sold separately).

    When using the Portable as your Controller, it would essentially play just like using the WiiU gamepad, making all WiiU and 3DS games fully Virtual Console compatable, as it would have the 2 screen setup this way.

    Later on, a PS-TV style home box will be released which would essentially be ANOTHER NX, but with wired HDMI to your TV with full 1080p output capacity at a very affordable price. ($99.99?) However, just like when you link two handhelds together, if you use the TV box linked with the NX handheld as your controller, they become more powerful TOGETHER, unlocking full 1080p, smoother framerate, more particle effects, etc. This would also apply to local multiplayer parties, so if you had one Home Box and 4 people with NX handhelds all linked together playing the same multiplayer game, it could run at the same rock-solid framerate and resolution as it does when playing single player. Not making it suddenly more powerful than PS4Neo … but just solid and reinforced.

    Because the Handheld would actually be the Primary brain, even when playing at home, ALL physical release NX games would be sold on tiny, 3DS style game cards, up to about 64 GB in size, (but most much smaller), or downloaded to expandable flash memory. There would be no optical disks at all. Every NX game would be playable on the go.

    The Game Cards might even have enough rewritable memory on board to not only hold your save data, but also any post-release patches (but probably not DLC), which would be cool.

    All of the above is pure, assembled speculation, is supported by nothing but rumor, and may be completely and embarassingly WRONG.

    … but until Nintendo shows us what it ACTUALLY is … this is what all the rumors are painting a pictue of in my head.

    I think the 360-degree projector thing is something that will not be part of NX. Who knows what that is, or if it will ever even be a thing … like the Vitality Sensor, and QOL.


    1. I repeat … in case I did not make it clear enough already … The above description between the bars is entirely MADE UP by ME. That is what my brain comes up with when I put all of the past 18 months of rumors into a blender and spits the mash back out again into a thick, gritty, Rumor Smoothie.

      Absolutely NOTHING from that post is quoting anything from any source. It is almost certainly very WRONG on multiple facts. I merely have not yet heard any rumors or leaked info that disagrees with anything in my Rumor Mash-Up … Yet.

      I will laugh at myself along with the rest of you when Nintendo finally reveals the System sometime between Mid Summer and Early Fall, and we all see how WRONG this really is.

      I hope it’s GOOD, whatever it Actually Is.

      … I hope …


      1. Yes. That is how most 1080p games on all current and last gen consoles are actually running. Various irregular rendered resolutions, upscaled to 1080. Very, very few games on ANY platform are actually rendering true, native 1080p. Upscaled 900 does look better than upscaled 720 though.

        The reason I mentioned that here was because “900p” was actually specifically mentioned in a past “Insider Leak” … assuming ANYTHING we have heard so far is even remotely true.

        I am just mashing that in with everything else … though I totally forgot to include the scroll-wheel shoulder buttons … which might also turn out to be complete nonsense.

        It would not surprise me if Nintendo is willfully leaking false rumors to keep everyone guessing. The mystery is the hardwares biggest selling point right now, after all.

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