Rumour: 10K Shares More Nintendo NX Information

NeoGAF poster 10K is at it again and this time he claims to have some more information on the Nintendo NX. His track record hasn’t been perfect and it should be noted that others have disputed his previous rumours. 10K claims to have gotten the information from a Nintendo Europe employee and whilst some of the stuff sounds legit there’s a couple of things that don’t fully stack up. Here’s what 10K has to say.



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      1. If they’re going to release a handheld to work with it as well as “supplementary devices” later on, it’s feasible that the initial console price could be that low.

    1. Sadly, in a lot of Europe states the conversion for games is 1 : 1, so if in the U.S. a game is 60 bucks, here, often, is 60 € as well, even if the euro value is more high…

      1. Yeah but the minimum wage in Australia is over $17. The prices in Australia look very high, but they get the proper wage to make up for it. A lot of the time the difference is minimal. For example, Mario Kart 8 is €49.99 here in Ireland and in Australia it’s $79. $79 (Australian Dollars of course) is €50.90 at the time of writing this, so that is almost no difference whatsoever. Currently a 1TB PS4 is €399.99 here in Ireland, and in Australia it’s $549. When you convert that to Euro it’s €353 so it is actually cheaper in Australia.

    2. Yes, they’re different, but usually games (and games consoles) are sold for roughly the same Euros and Dollars because basically selling in Europe is a bit more expensive than selling in USA because import taxes and what have you. Out of all the myriad of reasons that this is fake (and it is), you picked possibly the worst.

      1. Good point. On top of that doesn’t the majority of the US apply tax on top of the price you’re shown? Over here the tax is built into the price, so €400 for a PS4 for example already includes roughly 23% tax (varies by country). If I picked up a PS4 in somewhere in the US wouldn’t they add tax onto the $400 when I go to pay? Correct me if I’m wrong on that, that’s just what I’ve always been under the impression it’s like.

    3. Yes they are different value, but nintendo has never really cared about that. At launch the Wii U costed 350$ and 350€? And back in 2012 the proportion was massive, 350€ = over 450$

      The Wii U’s European launch price was insane compared to the American one, I still remember having to save up to even afford it. Nintendo hasn’t cared about money proportion until recently, where they lowered the price for many of their games (Star Fox Zero, Splatoon, Robobot and others are all 40€ in Europe, HALLELUJAH! ^^)

      But anyways, that was 2012. Today 1 dollar = 0.88 euro, so the difference isn’t that brutal. 340 dollars = 300 euro, so the NX might only cost an additional 40 bucks here, which isn’t that much of a drama :)

  1. I don’t know what to think about rumors these days, so I’m just gonna wait for official news from Nintendo before I believe anything.

  2. Looks like 10K is really pushing towards the x86 processor rumour. If 10K is correct, then that should be good news (and it means the chances of third-parties – in the West anyway – making games for this system rises).

    1. If it’s region locked, I refuse to buy anything that isn’t Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Star Fox, Donkey Kong, Mario Kart, or Smash Bros. Everything else just gets censored for the stupidest of reasons most of the time.

  3. Isn’t this the 3rd time you’ve posted an article about 10k? He’s not legit, just accept it. Holy damn. I seriously could tweet some leaks on Twitter and you’d report on it as long as I said I had “inside sources”. This is pure clickbait that I don’t see any other site doing. Not even IGN is reporting on this. Sorry to get a bit frustrated but damn, you don’t need to report every “Rumor”.

    That said I’d love the NX to be revealed on August 4th as that’s my birthday, but I don’t buy it. Its possible, but not because of this “rumor”.

    1. A) I’ve never seen you post here before, so I don’t think Sickr is going to stop posting rumors to satisfy you.
      B) NintendoLife and WiiUDaily are two other sites that post NX rumors just about as much as this site.
      C) Sickr clearly stated in the article that 10K has been wrong before and that others have disputed his claims in the past.
      D) Nintendo isn’t exactly giving people much to write about these days, so if it weren’t for the rumors, this site would be almost barren. At least it gives us something to talk about. I’ve accepted the fact that we will continue to be inundated with NX rumors until it is revealed. You may as well accept it too.

      These one time commenters are appearing a lot lately. What’s up with that?

      1. I’ve posted in other 10k articles. Yes, I get Nintendo’s not giving much to talk about, but is clickbait really necessary? All it does is frustrate people and make your site seem less credible with each fake rumor they report. It gets annoying after a while. Not everything needs to reported on. Its one thing if its someone like Emily Rogers who has a decent track record (Though she’s been wrong before also), but when its someone who has never proven themselves? Nah, we don’t need those being reported all the dang time.

        Right now, its best to not believe any rumors and just let Nintendo reveal the system when they’re ready to. Could 10k be right? Sure, its not impossible and it’d earn him some credibility, but I doubt it. Its just there’s a new NX rumor posted every single day from supposed “insiders” and its tiring after a while. It shows impatience and just wanting your 15 minutes of fame.

      2. I don’t believe any of the rumors. But we’re so starved for any Nintendo news (big stuff anyway) that these articles at least open up something for us to discuss. I know a lot of the rumors are bogus. But without them, this site gets almost no traffic. It’s quite boring on here lately. The rumors are almost the only articles getting much traffic usually. You have to admit, they usually get a significant amount of comments. Probably why I’ve never noticed you before, since you said you comment on 10K articles. NX articles often get in the 60s or 70s, sometimes over 100 comments. Miitomo getting an update? Maybe 15 or 20. Since you say you’ve commented before, you should do it more often. More opinions are welcome. It’s a pretty good site to talk on. We have a wide variety of Nintendo fans. Fanboys, regular fans, Nintendo haters. The whole kit and kaboodle.

  4. “His track record hasn’t been perfect and it should be noted that others have disputed his previous rumours.”

    Ugh. Posting most rumors is click-baiting, not actual journalism that works well. Then again, calling Emily Rogers an “investigative journalist” on this site and elsewhere where that term pops up for her and her ilk is like calling a garbageman a “sanitation engineer”. Rumor collectors only generate nonsense that breeds more nonsense that gets debunked as actual facts emerge.

    Videogames need less “journalism” from these sort of people. Just give me more good writers who appreciate the history and hobby and less writing that traffics in stuff that just gets people to read and rant and we’ll all be happier.


    1. Never seen you before. So how about we keep it that way in the future. You one time posters think you can just come in and criticize as if you’ve been a regular. Sickr doesn’t have to appease you. It’s his site. I’m sure he takes criticism to mind, but if you’re only gonna come here once and then criticize, get out of here. Maybe if you had a regular voice on this site, people would care what you had to say. But nope. You’re just a hit and run kind of commenter apparently.

      1. And you don’t need to defend the site nor Nintendo as you’re not playing bodyguard. Attacking new readers for having differing opinions from yours isn’t the answer.

        Both posters bring valid points, and most of us regulars have said it before, we just skip out on reading the most asinine articles now.

      2. I’m not defending Nintendo. At all. I don’t know how you got that. But I will defend Sickr when some idiot new reader comes in and call in to question his journalism skills and insinuate that he isn’t a good writer. I didn’t attack the first poster, as he only criticized. The second poster attacked, so I stood up for Sickr. To be honest, I barely attacked the second person either. I don’t hurl insults or profanity at them. And a big point of my comment was the fact that without these asinine articles as you call them, we wouldn’t have much to comment on. Yes, we get a lot of rumor articles. But we don’t get much else besides that. And the little bit we do get these days barely generates any comments because Nintendo isn’t putting anything of interest out there. You remove these rumors, you’re going to be left with a bunch of 15 comment articles for the most part. That’s not good for the website because they need clicks, and it’s not good for us readers because people start to lose interest. Surely you’ve noticed many regulars don’t even show up anymore. Hell, I haven’t seen Commander in like a week. The rumors are annoying, but at least they give us something to engage in with discussion. What if scenarios can be entertaining. Or would you rather just have Miitomo articles and nonsense like that with almost nothing of interest to talk about?

      3. Don’t get me started on Miitomo or mobile for that matter. I’ll take rumors over that ANY DAY.
        Thanks for the well placed response.

      4. No problem. We usually agree on things, and you’ve shown yourself to be a respectful poster, so I gave you the kind of response you deserve. Haha and tell me about it. Miitomo and mobile. Not exactly the highlights of my reading.

  5. I want to believe this info, but again, his track record isn’t good. In fact, he has no track record at all.
    Nevertheless, his speculation piece seems to be based on solid information. It’s basically a compilation of the latest industry rumors, from patents to official statements (which could or could not be related to the NX) from manufacturers like Sharp.

  6. Well March 18th 2017 is a Saturday and Nintendo usually releases things on Fridays in America. This may be the European release though. March 17th could be the date for America which is St. Patricks Day. That’ll be funny if they release it on St. Patricks day next year. Beer, 4 leaf clovers, Leprechauns and NX.

  7. Is that a picture of a list made on the Notes app of someone’s iPhone? Hmmm credible? Believable… Maybe.
    But credible? Idk….
    Hmm… I’ll take this with a salt mine.

  8. I ain’t gonna lie… I as a fan am so desperate for news of this device that these rumours are juicy and delicious.

  9. Quadraxis… It seems the New Order has failed once again..

    This news does not come as a surprise.
    Once again the mother tree of Nintendo produces rotten fruit.. But should we have expected anything different?….

    It’s a privilege to see this empire come to its destruction in my lifetime…
    The Mongolians of Unnatural Decent have shown their works, and one can say you will not get masterpieces from a water head Down syndrome with paper and crayon…

    Now what shall we do with you?…

  10. Well well well, if it isn’t Mr. “Verified” himself. I see you’ve decided to ditch the “tier” format.

    1. “But some of the things on this list sound sweet.”
      You can say that again. Dat Luigi’s Mansion 3…

      (probably fake sadly but a man can still dream)

  11. I don’t expect to hear anything Real about NX until July. Until then, we are probably better off ignoring everyone who claims to know anything … unless it is Nintendo themselves.

  12. Sounds strange the NX is not supposed to be a more powerful Wii U but an all new experience. Also strange that some Nintendo worker would just spill information like this.

  13. Cartridges? But I was wanting discs again. I liked discs, lighter and easier to get out. But, these are rumors, doubt they’ll be true. But if this console does well, then Nintendo, you’d better buy back Banjo & Kazooie!

    1. Actually, the cartridge rumor is one of the things I’m most excited about (other than Luigi’s Mansion 3). Well, as long as they’re roughly the same size as NES, SNES and N64 cartridges were. I’m not fond of tiny game cards like the 3DS.

      1. They would be small carts. No need to have carts as big as the older ones.

  14. Region free? Nintendo didn’t do this since DS, so why they should allow users from Europe to play japanese releases now? Most of these rumors are looking like a complete fake to me. Still, I hope there will be an announcement in July.

  15. One thing is for sure. With all of the rumors that were actually COOL. It’s a guarantee that there’s going to be a lot of disappointed gamers when the NX facts are finally revealed. Even if the real facts are also cool. That’s what’s bad about rumors.

    I can’t believe that every time these rumors happen, people on YouTube even make videos talking about it (the popularity whores). People sure love to make rumors popular.

  16. Sounds like a K12 cpu to me and to be honest this rumour sounds like it could be real in my eyes because I’ve heard that rumour before about the cpu and with Vulkan the new OpenGL it doesn’t matter if your on x86 or not ? and the x86 jaguar cores are weak compared to the arm cortex cores……

  17. 339 euros and 339 dollars aren’t equal values, and they never sell things for unequal values lol. This guy is just another Emily Rogers….

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