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US: Pokken Tournament Outsells Street Fighter V At Retail

Data lover ZhugeEx has reporting on Twitter that the well-received Pokken Tournament for the Wii U has beaten PlayStation 4 exclusive Street Fighter V at retail in the United States. The information was revealed during the NPD results which were issued last week. To fair Street Fighter V was criticised by critics and the public for its barebones modes when it launched, but it’s certainly encouraging that Pokken Tournament has done well.

Thanks, unholygrapej

31 thoughts on “US: Pokken Tournament Outsells Street Fighter V At Retail”

  1. holy shit! a brand new i.p on the wii u a dying console outsold the next numbered entry in the street fighter series?! that’s crazy. maybe it didn’t outsell it in digital because you would have to take in consideration steam sales but the fact that it outsold it in retail is still very impressive! i guess we’ll be seeing more pokken tournament in the future with the nx. that actually sounds pretty cool, i wonder what the tekken team can accomplish with more modern hardware

    1. I want to say that digital sales across Steam and PS4 amounted to more than Pokken did digitally. I’m assuming that at least 40% of people who bought SF5 on PS4 bought it digitally, only since the console has a lot of space already.

    1. I have both and I think SFV is much better in terms of gameplay, I just think it’s a smoother, tighter fighting game. In terms of content it’s exactly like Splatoon, it will be loaded with content eventually… lol

  2. That’s surprising. Mostly because it’s a Wii U exclusive, which we all know has a much smaller install base. I would imagine SFV surpassed in digital sales. Good news though. Hopefully it sees a sequel on the NX.

  3. If I recall correctly there were discounts on Super and Ultra SFIV through upgrading digital copies of the original, could be misremembering, but I feel like more people would be cautious of that this time round lol

  4. I find it hard to believe honestly, but if it is true it’s because of Capcoms idiot decision to exclude an ARCADE mode in SFV. That’s the only mode most people ever played, the story arcade mode and in SFV it doesn’t exist… Yea, Capcom is run by morons..

    1. There is a story mode but it’s pretty weak, it’s basically in manga form. There will be full cinematic story mode update in June though. I have to disagree that the mode most people play is the arcade mode though. Playing the computer gets old after a while, playing against other human beings is the most satisfying way to play Street Fighter imo.

        1. I’m just saying street fighter has always been about playing competitively against other people, whether it’s serious or just for fun, which is what made it gain so much popularity in the golden age of the arcade era. Arcade mode was to practice while you waited for a real person to step up and challenge you. SFV has enough modes which serve as better practice than the arcade mode anyways, but the best way to practice is to go online and fight real people who are better than you and spectate and watch replays, study and learn. For those crying about no arcade mode we’re getting a full on cinematic story mode next month, so just chill and play the game the way it’s meant to be played, against other real human beings.

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