Here’s A New Mighty No.9 Trailer

We’ve finally been granted another look at Mighty No.9 which feels like it has been in development for what seems like forever. Sure, the video itself is rather cheesy, but it does give you a good idea of what to expect when the game launches next month. One thing you do have to check out is the like to dislike ratio for the video on YouTube.


    1. I don’t know if that would actually be practical. Also, the mere fact that it was concept art clearly should have made people realize that it actually wasn’t going to to be the same.

      And while I’m not in a position to defend them at this point, I did spend over $100USD backing this game (… I wanted the damn rewards, okay?), so…

  1. Just a reminder: $3,845,170 were raised by the Kickstarter. That’s not even accounting for “direct to Paypal” donations.

  2. This is hilarious! But gosh this game is ugly! Especially the special effects, like the explosions, they’re horrible! What were they doing during all these delays, and the 4 million dollars they raised?!

  3. They must have spent the 4 million dollars on the trailer cuz that was awesome. I dunno how much they had left over for the game though. I’m imagining a guy working in the back shouting “dunno if it makes a difference guys but I got a quarter”.

  4. It’s me.or the game become uglier as the development is near the end. The graphics of the first trailer was very good. Then we have a second trailer and the visual was Ok then we have this trailer and the game is ugly as fuck….

      1. thanks for the video it was not me then, I thought for a second I was dream that video. I really don’t get it. Everybody will noticed how ugly the game has become. I am not a graph whore but c’mon that just bad

  5. Who else at first thought, upon seeing the thumbnail, that MN9 got delayed again?

    It’s sad that this game’s legacy- if you can call it that- immediately makes my mind go there. I didn’t back it nor am I interested in the first place but I think that’s awful.

  6. In general, I DON’T think that the graphics are actually bad. Up close though,…

    … I don’t think it was meant to be viewed up close. But I don’t think anyone is in disagreement that the trailer was horrible (but for me, it was because they were trying to be funny).

    In any case, I don’t feel like bringing up my class-action lawsuit papers (again).

  7. I was happy when I thought this game was going to be like Mega Man. But this looks more like Mega Max X on crack. I don’t feel too excited anymore. But then I have to ask myself, was I EVER really excited for this? My taste in gaming has changed drastically since I started playing games like Assassin’s Creed, The Last Of Us, Sleeping Dogs, and other M rated games on PS3 and PS4 (though my first Assassin’s Creed games were on Wii U). Though my heart will always be with Nintendo.

  8. The characters faces are ugly and devoid of expression or personality.

    An announcer voice guy telling me what I’m seeing is “Fun” doesn’t change the fact that it still doesn’t look fun. That dash move as seemingly the games primary, and nearly ONLY mechanic just doesn’t look interesting enough to carry a whole game. Nothing about this trailer makes me want to play this.

    What a shame. I really WANTED this to be good.

  9. Well… if this was a game that some teenager spent a few years on in his basement I would be like, AWESOME!
    But these guys spent a ton of money and they are supposed to be professionals…

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