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Here’s A Look At Jakks Pacific 2016 Lineup Of Nintendo Figures

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Toy manufacturer Jakks Pacific has revealed some of the toys that Nintendo fans can expect to be able to get their hands on over the course of the year. The handy image below outlines some of the official Nintendo figures that are due to be released over the coming months.



16 thoughts on “Here’s A Look At Jakks Pacific 2016 Lineup Of Nintendo Figures”

  1. These toys suck. They really do. I remember buying highly detailed fully poseable Spiderman(from the Sam Raimi movies) toy for about 15 bucks. Aside from being overpriced these look derpy and are very stiff.

  2. The Metroid is the best looking one, in my opinion. I’m probably going to get a few Metroids for myself and friends.

    Also, I wouldn’t mind getting a Pikmin and Blooper… Too bad that the Chain Chomp has its mouth closed :/

  3. Why are they all labeled as Super Mario? They got “Orange Squid Mini Figure- Super Mario” and “Tom Nook Mini Figure- Super Mario” even “Samus Mini Figure- Super Mario”.

    Who does the research for them over there? Half of those pictured figures aren’t Super Mario at all.

  4. Who’s the idiot in charge of the Chain Chomp!? How dare they have Chain Chomp’s mouth closed!?

  5. Oi! Nintendo! Hurry up with a Metroid line of amiibo! I want fucking Ridley, damn it! Preferably his Other M design!

      1. Bits & pieces of it, yes. But overall, it’s a disservice to a massive part of the fanbase that expected something entirely different. I’m all for making a story how you want but there comes a point where you should take your fanbase into consideration.

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