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Someone Used Super Mario Maker To Propose To His Girlfriend

Super Mario Maker player Shane Birkinbine has created a course that contained a marriage proposal to his girlfriend, Pam Edwards, who played through the level and came across an implemented message from her boyfriend that asks for her hand in marriage. Birkinbine has captured and shared footage of the event, which you can watch in the video below. You can also play through the course yourself by typing in the following code into the game: 7A61-0000-0245-8DE8.

32 thoughts on “Someone Used Super Mario Maker To Propose To His Girlfriend”

    1. Marriage traditionalists. If they aren’t bitching about who gets married because it’s “supposed” to be between a man & a woman, they are bitching about how people propose instead. Oh & let’s not forget the “Divorce is evil!” ones!

    1. I just had to do it…
      At first since the comments are by popularity, they were nice and encouraging, Should have stopped reading after “faith in humanity lost” comments.

  1. This took them long enough to hit this bridge. I remember those idiots who did Halo marriages and how raging they would get when someone crashed their shit.

  2. This made my morning :].

    @David Daub What’s your problem exactly? Did the woman in the video like it? Yes. So what’s your problem? She’s most likely wearing whatever ring he gave her right now and telling everyone how excited she is about it.

    There’s always a hater on nice things. Smh

  3. Man i was expecting every comment to just be like “man this guys a loser, that’s so stupid” but suprisingly people were actually not total jerks and were nice and supportive. This makes me happy for some reason:)

  4. Congratulations to them. Wish them the best.

    Too bad there wasn’t an awesome Zelda Maker before me & the wife already got married. I would have done something similar to this. Then again, I could always do something similar for a future anniversary if there is ever a good, high quality Zelda Maker. :D

  5. That’s super cute, congrats to the happy couple. Maybe I’ll meet someone cute and sweet like that one day. If not I’ll live my days as a free-living gamer. Either way, I win. XD

  6. Voice Acting Nintendo Monarch: Lance Bulmer

    I found this very sweet and yes my heart grew three sizes that day then down two to avoid me going too mushy.

    but regardless congrats to them

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