Unity Collaborate Beta Signup Mentions Nintendo NX

The Unity Collaborate beta sign-up page is now live and interestingly enough it mentions Nintendo’s next platform, the NX. It seems a given that the engine will come to the NX but nothing has been confirmed at present as the very same sign up page also mentions a variety of platforms that aren’t fully supported by Unity. We will hear more about the Nintendo NX sometime later this year with a launch expected in March 2017.



  1. Was this a surprise to anybody? As someone who has recently learned about Unity and used it in college, it’s used on a variety of platforms including the 3DS, so I’d only assume that the NX would support it. Hell, even the Xbox 360 support option in the “build” section is still there! XD

    1. At this point, almost no one outside of Nintendo knows. I don’t think even half of the developers with NX games in development have any idea what form the hardware will take … only the general specs and available inputs and outputs … maybe, if even that.

      It’s a Secret to Everybody.

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