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E3: Pokemon Sun & Moon And Pokemon GO On Nintendo Treehouse Live

Well it turns out that The Legend of Zelda Wii U isn’t the only game that Nintendo is planning to showcase at this month’s E3 event in Los Angeles. Serebii is reporting that Pokemon Sun & Moon will be featured on Nintendo Treehouse Live @ E3 on June 14th 2016 and the mobile title Pokemon GO will have a Q&A session on June 15th 2016.


Thanks, Ciaran


  1. So Zelda isn’t the only thing then? That’s great. Still not getting my hopes up though. Nintendo is the best company for disappointments (“best company for disappointments” does that even make any sense? Lol) Watch them announce one new game and not even for Wii u or not even 3ds but for mobile. Then everything they show off will be for games already announced like last year’s disappointing E3.

  2. So the E3 won’t be a complete flop so far.

    I just wanted my digital event though…. qnq

    1. Only 2 known games going to be at E3? 3 if you count Pokemon GO. Nope. Still a flop til further notice.

  3. I so BADLY want to love Pokemon games. But I just can’t. I only played through Pokemon Diamond (and loved it). But every Pokemon game I attempted playing ever since felt too much like the same thing all over again. I never could understand how this series remained so unbelievably popular for so long?

    1. It’s the new pokemon, new stories (they may seem the same, but there are different elements) new mechanics that are added, new moves, and very important, a new region to explore the nooks and crannies of.

  4. I liked into E3, and most of the stuff will be in the treehouse. And there will be quite a few things they’re going over. See people? Freaked out over nothing….again.

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