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E3: Tune In June 14-15 For Two Days Of Nintendo Treehouse

Nintendo heads to E3 once again and brings the coverage directly to you with a two-day program from Nintendo Treehouse: Live at E3! Tune in starting at 9 a.m. PT on June 14 for a day of live-streaming gameplay focused on The Legend of Zelda for Wii U and first live gameplay of Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon that kicks off the program! Watch it all here:

Day 2 of Nintendo Treehouse: Live at E3 will showcase upcoming releases for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, including Monster Hunter Generations, Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past and Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE! Day 2 will start with a special Pokémon GO developer Q&A at 10 a.m. PT on June 15 at:


  1. Looks like The Legend of Zelda and it’s 30th anniversary aren’t the only ones to be shown at E3. BOOM!

  2. Looks like I was right to not get my hopes up. This E3 for Nintendo is gonna be another disappointing event like last year. At least we’re getting Nintendo Directs so I shouldn’t be so mad. And it looks like E3 is dying out slowly

  3. It just seems strange to me that the NX won’t be shown at this year’s E3, probably the largest showcase of the year. Considering the NX is coming out next year, they should have plenty to show. Heck, the Wii U was unveiled at E3 2011, and it came out November of 2012. I wonder what’s holding them back? Maybe they’re really stepping up the innovation, and they don’t want to risk some malfunctions during the show (probably from the bad experience when showcasing Skyward Sword’s motion controls).

        1. But Xbox One and PS4 came out quite recently, I thought that surely Nintendo would release their new console before them. Then again, who knows what the others can pull out from this information. Still, I honestly forgot about that when I was typing. I heard that they stole motion control ideas from Nintendo because they unveiled the Wii too early. That’s fine, they know what they’re doing.

  4. This isn’t too surprising. I think they said that Zelda Wii U is going to be the only playable game on the E3 show-floor.

  5. There were some saying they believed Zelda was literally going to be the ONLY thing, not just playable, but even seen or mentioned at E3. I knew that was BS.

    That said, the general consensus among experts really feels more and more true the more I watch and let thigs sink in. As much as we as fans may love the idea of all developers saving all their bombshell announcements until E3 and releasing them all at once … that really just doesn’t make much business sense for the developers. Competing for attention during E3 is just a losing battle. People call it suicidal when two huge games launch on the same day, especially when one has more hype than the other … so why then would it be a good idea to ANNOUNCE them all at the same event as their competition? Exiting for us … but bad business for them if your product is not the buzz leader at the show, yet still very worthy of attention, and important for them sales-wise.

    Honestly, the best time for Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo to hold spotlight reveals for new hardware would be anytime BUT E3 … and not in the same week as one another.

    The best time for Nintendo to reveal the true form of the NX will be when there is a lull in gaming news in some future week, like, “You want something new and exiting to talk about?… Check THIS Out!”, in some, announced 24 hours before it happens, Surprise Nintendo Direct.

    That way, NX would be the ONLY thing people are talking about that week. Complete Gaming Media Domination.

    1. E3 is an opportunity for the big 3 to bring developers to their consoles, not just to entice consumers. You have the biggest gathering of developers and Sony and Microsoft have new tech for devs to try out. Nintendo is going to miss out on this opportunity by not having the NX there.

  6. Nintendo’s event at E3 is still a flop. It’s as bad as E3 2015, if not worse. We already know about these games. Some have already released in Japan. Unless they reveal a bunch of new games we weren’t expecting on the days of E3, it’s a fucking flop. But by all means. Go ahead & pretend it’s not. I pity anyone actually still excited for E3. As it stands, Zelda U/NX is the only thing to even get excited for at E3 since we don’t know much about it. If you only have one game that has people excited at an event that usually has at least 3-5 from one single developer, that’s bad. But it won’t be the first time people in denial ignored all of the bad of something Nintendo related so they can pretend it was great. Like the Wii’s gaming library. Over 100 shovelware (I think I’m being generous with the amount of fucking shovelware on Wii) compared to 30 good games? Yeah. There comes a point when quality gets it’s ass kicked by quantity.

      1. I really hope I’m wrong, though. I could use a reason to send my Wii U in to be fixed so I can use it again with the same amount of excitement I had when I used it back in 2013 & 2014.

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