US: Nintendo Store Has Refurbished Wii U Back In Stock

Good news if you were holding out for a cheap Wii U system as the Official Nintendo Store currently has refurbished units in stock. The 32GB Deluxe systems (which are apparently good as new) are being sold for $225 and come with Super Mario 3D World and Nintendo Land. They tend to go quite quickly so if you’re after one then get ordering!



    1. I second that motion. Considering to sell my shit since Zelda was the only reason why I wanted a Wii U. All I have remakes and a pointless system. Nintendo should send us an update or something, cause right now, the only thing my Wii U knows how to do is be in dust mode.

    1. At this point, he’s doing my speaking. I’d rather sell my Wii u not even for the money, just to stop me from having to clean all the dust that crappy system gets and space it’s taking up. Even an Xbox one sounds better than a Wii U

  1. There appear no new games more. Why should someone still buy a Wii U? Anyone who wants a Wii U, has already one. Who does not have one, will rather buy a used one on ebay for little money with many games. (sorry for my bad english)

  2. love my wii u me and my mom who had a stroke and is doing bettr now and her doctr sayd video games r very good for her recovery we play super mario maker 1 hour and mario kart 8 online 1 and half hour , 5 days a week , 1 other hour we play thru games like we jst finish super mario galaxy 2 agin, and now r play Luigi U ,agin. and we love our wii u , it is bettrr than any of those dum phone games that u gotta keep pay to play it and we dont evn hav a smartphone or want one in my famly we love our wii u an it wold nevr get dust caus we play it 5 days a week, and i love my 3DS and play it evryday. so i cant belev any1 coud be bored with wii u wehn mario kart 8 online is so much fun and it nevr stops the fun.

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