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Japan: Greninja Wins Pokemon General Election


Japanese Pokemon fans have voted in their droves to choose their favourite Pokemon and surprisingly Pikachu didn’t make the top spot! Instead it was Greninja with an impressive 36,235 votes out of a total of 562,386 votes cast. In Japan at least you’ll be able to get ahold of the Pokemon as a free Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire download. This is for cinema-goers who check out the latest Pokemon film.


25 thoughts on “Japan: Greninja Wins Pokemon General Election”

  1. Not surprised, Smash and the anime did huge numbers for the discount Dororo (Doubt anyone around here would get the reference).

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    1. You can just simply call it a ninja frog. After all, Super Sentai, the franchise Power Rangers is based on, paired a frog as a ninja animal long before Naruto did it.

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