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E3 2016: Sonic & More Confirmed For LEGO Dimensions

After rumors and teasers have left gamers interested about some upcoming LEGO DImensions content, the news was finally made official. Many new characters, including Batman, Sonic the Hedgehog, and more will be coming to LEGO Dimensions. 16 new LEGO Dimensions packs will begin launching on September 30th, including Adventure Time and Harry Potter. Additional expansion packs will be released in product waves “stretching into summer of next year”, which will include Sonic the Hedgehog and Beetlejuice. If you want, feel free to check out everything below, including a new E3 2016 trailer for the game.


47 thoughts on “E3 2016: Sonic & More Confirmed For LEGO Dimensions”

      1. I’m sure he was being figurative with the “God is dead.” Just look at that Sonic design!? Clearly God was not alive in the room when they made that design.

    1. Clearly. I think this design for Sonic gave God a heart attack & He just couldn’t recover from it. And that’s saying something.

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    1. Well, this site reports Nintendo news that’s around, and there is no worthy news right now because it’s almost E3, where they will announce the exciting news.

  2. It looks like they didn’t even TRY to make him Lego Sonic. They could’ve had that round lego head with spikes…and why is he fat? It goes from thin to thick on the bottom. Is Sega trying to destroy Sonic??

        1. That’s right, there’s no way they can release the design without Sega’s approval…this design and the recent games show that instead of going back, listening to fans, and trying to fix what’s wrong, its like they desperately wanna mass release Sonic titles hoping they will sell. They basically keep trying to jab a key into a keyhole that that isn’t for that key. And they keep and keep jabbing hoping it will work.

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