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Video: New Zero Time Dilemma Trailer

One of the games that Nintendo 3DS owners are looking forward to this summer is Zero Time Dilemma. The game promises to offer Nintendo 3DS owners a mature and quite frankly disturbing adventure to embark on. Just check out the latest trailer to see why.


    1. Please don’t… Least the guy in the other article simply said “God is dead” in a figurative sense because of the horrible design for Sonic in Lego Dimensions… Least I think he was being figurative. I guess I’ll find out when he responds to my comment to his comment.

      1. His comment had no place, please don’t fool yourself because it didn’t fool me. I’m being me, if you can’t except that then I happily extend the right to ignore me. I did what I felt was right.

        1. It’s a joke, dude. Lighten up. Even God has a sense of humor & knows when to take things seriously.

          1. Unless, like I said in my previous comment, he wasn’t using a figure of speech to joke. If he was being serious in an atheistic way, go ahead & have at it. But I’m giving the guy the benefit of a doubt since I don’t know him, or her. For all we know, he’s just as religious as you are if not more so.

          2. It’s as real as the air you and so many others take for granted. At this point, you’re speaking to the wrong person on these matters. I would be out of my mind to make such an assumption.

            1. Look at my other comment above yours. If you still want to burn the “evil witch” before even making sure he is the evil witch, whatever. It’s not my soul in jeopardy. Just trying to help but I understand if it’s not wanted. Some people would rather remain ignorant than open their minds, I guess.

              1. Some people have respect and care about tradition and honor. Your soul is in very much inner turmoil and confusion, but it’s not my place to show you your faults. That’s between you and God. You would do better to stop talking out your ass, because that’s all that’s happening here. If you think any of that lame Brian crap you posted means anything to me then you’re even more out of touch then I thought bro. I know.

                Keep your ignorant insults, they fall on deaf ears.

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                  1. I’ll pray for you bro. You obviously have serious issues that need to be talked out. Unfortunately, I won’t continue down this little game your playing. I’ve only offered you the truth how I see it and my beliefs, which have nothing to do with you, and yet you insist on picking the most ridiculous things like “stoning” and modern technology to name the most recently brought up, and attempt to put your issue’s on me. A belligerent type, out to change the rules of the land with groundless assumptions from personal feelings of how God should be. I only hope you recognize the error of your thinking, infinite luck, peace to you and yours.

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                    +1 Kudos.

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